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PizzeRizzo announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios - Was: Rumor: Pizza Planet/Mama Melrose closing?


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Scale horizontal... they charge enough to do so :)

Or simply take away the customization and work on a forecast and queue. Pre-made doesn't have to be low quality. You just keep the time between bake and serving low. Focus on 'personal size' portions that allow you to amp up the # of units while reducing the loss from deadheads.

Considering they are already working on 'deliver to table' systems, no need to try to turn an order around in 2mins while they stand at the table if you wanted to goto a customized menu too. But stick to the usuals.. or limit to toppings that can be added and reheated quickly.

All very true but the making of dough etc for that scale of volume is the labor they don't want to spend as it is labor intensive.

Any frozen pie shell you can buy is poor quality and the co oanynthey use is actually the best of the best in the industry for pizza products. For frozen quality.


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Last night we ate at Mama Melrose's, and this morning I received a survey specifically asking about my experiences at the restaurant. None of the questions were anything too out of the ordinary (mostly about service, quality of food, etc.) that would imply closing the restaurant, but I thought it could be interesting considering all of the possible changes at DHS. So far it's the only specific survey we've received over the past few days of eating in the parks.

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