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Good morning all. My name is Kim and I'm a Disney-holic. It has been 686 days since I have last stepped foot on a Disney property. I am definitely going through withdrawals, but then again I'm betting ALL of us magicians are in the same boat right about now.

We had a trip planned for next weekend to check out Galaxy's Edge for T's birthday, but that obviously fell through. We did get our trip rescheduled for September though which is awesome because now we have QS dining for the first time in forever...actually it's just the first time we don't normally do dining plan stuff because S is super picky. ;) is my little idea for us to while our time until our beloved parks open up again. I figured we could post past pics (like @Tuvalu has been sharing in her current TR) with a little blurb about what made that pic special. Kinda like this...
Figment flashback.jpg
This was my senior year in high school and the ONLY vacation that my parents took me out of school a day early to go on. I still have the Figment that I bought on this particular trip as it was my birthday present to myself.

Space Mountain 2018.JPG
You will never find a ride pic of S with his eyes open on this ride because the lights give him a headache, but he loves the rest of the ride. BTW I'm the one in the front totally cheesing it up...I can't help myself...LOL! :hilarious:

You guys get the idea...jump aboard if you like. It might be fun to see and remember some of our old trips while we wait for our trips to come. I hope this post finds everybody safe and healthy. Thank you to all of our magicians (and their family members) that are out there on the front line during the covid-craziness. :inlove:


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Magnificent steed.jpg
I took this on my last trip to WDW a couple of years ago. S wasn't feeling too hot, so I hopped on a boat from the Poly to MK to go on a few rides that S doesn't appreciate quite as much as I do. It was a nice quiet evening for a solo walk around the park. I had never done that before, and I have to admit that I loved every second of it.


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I love this idea!

Here is my very first trip to WDW, circa 2000

Here is my and my husband’s first trip to WDW together (and first trip as adults) for our one-year wedding anniversary. This was taken November 2, 2014 (pre-Christmas decorations!), and this was the trip that lead us down the path we are on today as Disney fanatics!

This is from the first and last time we got to see the Osborne Lights, on our second anniversary trip in November 2015. I remember crying when I found out that Disney was going to open up the lights early for everyone (not just passholders), which meant that we were going to get a chance to see them before they left forever. I was overcome with emotion upon seeing them - this was such a beautiful show, I’m still shocked that they haven’t revived it anywhere else.


And this is from when we got to spend Valentines Day in MK last year! We wore matching t-shirts, I made conversation heart ears, and we got to take a picture with Cinderella’s carriage!

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Put this on IG today. This was a selfie taken at 11pm at POR.
We had left home 3 days before. Flight to the UK was fine and the overnight in Gatwick was great. We took off at 11am UK time Sunday. Shoryly into the flight we had to turn around due to the smell of smoke in the cabin. It got stronger as we circled over the channel dumping fuel. We came back into Gatwick on a full mayfay landing with the fire brigade both sides of the airplane.
Once we made it back to the stand they took the first class passengers off and checked over the inside. Once they had found out everything was ok , and the smell was made by forest fire smoke in the atmosphere , we were back into the air again at about 4pm UK time.
Three quarters of the way to Florida the pilot came on the intercom to say we were having to divert due to a medical emergency on board. We landed in Bermuda early evening Monday (their time). After the patient was taken off we had to remain onboard for about an hour and a half whilst the airport emptied enough to allow us to disembark.
Three queues later (immigration, baggage and taxi) we were on our way to a hotel for the night. We flew out of Bermuda about 6pm the next day and landed in Florida about 9pm local time.
By the time we got to check in to the hotel it was 11pm Tuesday. We were supposed to be at MNSSHP that night. The lady at the desk kindly rebooked us for the Fridays party.

The bonus from the whole thing was that we got compensation from Virgin Atlantic that covered a large chunk of our first ever Disney cruise the following year.


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Expedition Everest.jpg
This was our first day in the parks from a couple of years ago. My luggage had gotten lost, so I was stuck wearing my glasses for the day. Lesson learned from this trip was that my contacts and bite guard fly are in my bag that stays with me. LOL!
Expedition everest ride.jpg
We are in the back...I didn't fully realize how dark my glasses got until that day because I generally wear my contacts all of the time. Didn't get my luggage until the NEXT day...Alaska Airlines had no idea where my bag was, but WDW magically found it and put it in our room while we were out and about. CM's at the Poly were great and gave me about $50 to get some essential stuff for those couple of days...pixie dust is great!


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Love this idea, it’s given me an excuse to look through old photos.

This is from our accidental 4 night extension to our holiday about 5 years ago. It involved a fall from a climbing frame by Alice (in the middle) just before a transatlantic flight home. An ambulance trip, frantic calls to rearrange flights, get hotel accommodation, arrange insurance from the uk for medical expenses. It was a horrible day but luckily no damage done, Disney CMs were amazingly helpful and we had the most relaxing extra days. The Grand Floridian was all that was available for 4 nights at such short notice and it’s the only time we’ve stayed there. We met Richard quite a few times when we visited for dining reservations, but I think this is the only photo we ever got with him.



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Disney dream pic.jpg
This is the Disney Dream Suite at DLR. I took S on the Walking in Walt's Footsteps tour for his birthday a few years ago. We didn't get to see Walt's apartment above the fire station, but we did get to walk around the Dream Suite. This was the only place they allowed pics to be taken. The reflection in the mirror is the Cinderella castle if I remember correctly.
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