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Photo's (on-ride and walkaround)


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Does anybody know the details of the camera and printer technology used for the WDW on-ride and entrance photos? Obviously it's digital photography but they look better than any digital photograph I've ever seen. I can tell if I stick my nose up to the print but from a few inches away, they look like 35mm film shots.


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They just have really high quality printers. I think they're from cannon. They are specially made for printing photo-realistic images.

You can see them in action outside of Dinosaur!

Elsewhere, they're not quite so visible.



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I believe that they're called dye sublimation printers. They use 'wax' instead of ink. It passed through the printer three times with yellow, magenta, and cyan. Each time a new color gets pressed on. I've seen these printers and they usually start off at a thousand dollars or so.


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Actually dye-sublimation printers do what the name suggests. The ink is turned into a gas which permeates the paper. This allows for a continuous tone image. Wax type color printers use indiviual color dots in a halftone pattern to create the image.

The only thing that I am curious about, if they are using dye-sub printers, my experience with them is that the prints will fade in just a couple of years or so. Has anyone had a problem with their ride pics fading? None of mine have yet. Even though my oldest one is only 4 years old that should be more than enough time to see some fade on an average dye-sub print.

Maybe they are using some type of achival paper??? Any CM's out there to shed some light on this?


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oh. and there was me thinking they were just your average "printer". :hammer: not "dye sublimation printers" hmmmm very posh :lol: :D


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Wait. . . dye-sub prints fade over time???

We just bought a sony dye-sub printer (the Sony DPP-SV77) that prints borderless 4 x 6 prints to go with my digital camera. I had no idea they would fade. Is it noticable? Wow, what news. I'll have to show off my prints as soon as possible :D .
I applaud Disney on the Rock n Roller Coaster on board Photos....I love the series of strobes at the launch that capture your picture!!!! I am also impressed on just how clear the actual pcitures are!!!!! Jot to mention, it takes a while before you realize exactly where they take the pcitures.

To be even more efficient, the pictures they sell require very little printing...if you look close, the almost entire pciture is a pre-printed border, with your four passenger car inserted in the printed border, what an efficient idea!!!!!!!

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