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News PHOTO - Welcome back magnet going to Walt Disney World passholders along with more merchandise discounts


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I don't even bother putting it on my car. They hang out on my fridge.

i had them on my car for a while except at WDW where they could have an appeal to someone else who didn’t want to visit a park for one magnet. When at WDW I removed them from the car. Regardless, they developed wear and tear. Would have been better off putting them direct on the refrigerator.


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It does seem to have removed Magic Bands (which is on the regular list) so at least there's that. I always disliked that the regular store discounts excluded Magic Bands since other discounts (AP, DVC, Visa) work on them in park.

My guess is it's just a generic code, and not tied to validating your affiliation (like using the Disney Visa Card). While it's all the same account, I don't think ShopDisney has any info on your affiliations (thus always needing codes to get the discount). I suspect this code will make its rounds on the net, and many non AP will be using it.

My past experience is that your guess is incorrect. I have had annual pass discount codes on shopdisney not work for me in the past if the passes were not linked correctly.

This blog post tells you how to ensure your AP is linked to your shopdisney account: https://bit.ly/3iwhiBu

Disney has always been careful in the past to preserve AP discounts for paying passholders, as the value of the pass is diminished if shopping discounts, etc are available to anyone who can google the code.

As to the Disney Visa card code, the site verifies this based on what card you enter at the payment section. The code will work until you get to that point. But then if you enter in a non-Disney Visa card #, the checkout process flags the coupon code.
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AP discount on ShopDisney is working even on new releases today. Time to shop Halloween! Buying for my HM loving daughter who's b'day is in September. She should go nuts opening this box.



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I really wish they would reopen AP Sales. Seeing their numbers and Universal's Florida offers, I would think they could use the numbers. Even an Epcot-DAK Annual Pass.
Filling AP's on the calendar isn't an issue. I'd think they'd be in even more hot water if they made the pool even smaller due to more AP's being added.


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So, it seems like tomorrow is the last official day of these discounts for now... Will they:
  • Extend the Discount?
  • Return it to the previous level?
  • Release more perks/discounts?
  • Do nothing?

my guess is return it to the previous, I asked a castmember and thats what she said (not that they know anything and everything I know) but maybe they will surprise us for the better?


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Been keeping an eye on threads in which people report their trip dates and the December cancellations are starting to build up.

I believe we're going to see some very hefty discounts going into the holidays here as Disney tried to bump up those numbers for both resort and merchandise sales.

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