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Sorry, I'm new to this site so not sure if I'm posting in the right spot. I'm trying to maximize our early fastpass usage for a day in MK in October.

We currently have a Be Our Guest breakfast scheduled for 9:30 a.m.

If we did a 9:15 Fastpass for Peter Pan, arrived at the ride right at 9:15 (or before, so we can get right through if there's a line), could we get through line, do the ride, and be at BOG in time for our reservation?



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I'd say it's highly likely you'd be late to Be Our Guest. It's very unlikely they'll let you into Peter Pan before 9:15 and if that's the start of your window it's going to be the start of a lot of other peoples window as well. It's not uncommon for the fastpass line to take 15 min itself at the start of the window, especially if you have a bunch of people who are slow to scan their magic bands. The ride itself is going to take around 5 minutes and it'll probably take you at least 5 minutes to make it from Pan to Be Our Guest if there's any kind of a crowd.

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The "unwritten" rule is that you can enter the queue 5 minutes before your window and 15 minutes after. Peter Pan's Flight is supposedly 3 minutes long. You could enter at 9:10 and probably call it close to the BOG reservation.


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If the date in question is a 9AM opening AND there are no morning Extra Magic Hours or early morning special ticketed events, you might want to consider periodically checking and seeing if you can get a pre-9:00AM (pre park opening) reservation for BOG. As long as it is pre-9:00 they typically seat people on a first come, first served basis (first reservation is 8:00, so to be safe I usually try to get as close to that in case they ever change anything up, they typically let the PPO diners through the gate to head that way about 7:45), which means that if you get there a little early, you can be in the first wave to the restaurant and likely be out in time to ride 7DMT a time or two before the rest of the park gets in and then leisurely make it to the Pan FP. You can also use a free service like Mouse Dining to automatically send you an alert when a reservation frees up.

If that doesn't appeal to you, I agree with the posters above, the system automatically lets you scan in your FP up to 5 min early or 15 min late. Cast Members will frequently wave you through a couple more minutes early or late of those times if you ask nicely and they aren't already overwhelmed (but not always, so nothing to be upset by if they don't). You have a similar "late" buffer with a 9:30 BOG reservation. If you scanned in at Pan at 9:10, I would be shocked if you weren't at check in easily by 9:30.
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You can enter the PP FP line at 9:10am.
As long as its not a long FP line you should easily be able to get on, off, and walk over to BOG on time.
If you're worried then go on PP after BOG. You'll have until 10:30am to use your FP.
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