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News Patina Restaurant Group hosting job fair for its Walt Disney World restaurants


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It's a mixed bag and more than just one thing at play here. I do agree with you that employers at these places need to pay more and start treating their staff better, thus able to retain them. Some of the examples your link provided was never meant to be a long term career though and most fast food jobs are transitional and geared towards those starting out in the job market or those needing to supplement their income by working a second job, etc. Still those employers need to do better, these places are needed, and the pandemic has shown that.

There is problems though with the extended, higher unemployment benefits and I don't blame some for not wanting to return to a depressing and at times, toxic environment when they can make more at home. However the current situation is not a sustainable one and there needs to be a realistic and fair solution to the employment shortages that the country faces. As I get older I've learned to look at both sides of the equation and see where they are coming from. I don't believe everything has to be black and white, strictly one side or the other.

I agree with you. I think a realistic solution, however, is that a company with billions in profits can pay their employees a decent wage.

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