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Passholder Unsued Magic Band


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Hi There, my sister and husband are going to be in town for just two days and want to go over to Disney for one of the days, hypothetically speaking I have magic bands from a trip that we never used at the park since they do not have a fingerprint assigned to them would they be able to use those bands to get in?


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If they are already linked to a person in MDE, NO.


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The fingerprint isn't linked to the band, it's linked to your MDE account. Same thing with a magic band, it's linked to your MDE account. If you bought a band in the store, and never linked it, yes they could use them. But if it is a band that you yourself linked they can't use it, or a band you received as part of a booking or AP purchase both of which are automatically linked they can't use it.

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Was the magic band linked to someone in MDE?
If so it cannot be used by anyone else.

Finger scans have nothing to do with magic bands but rather with ticket media.

For one day they should just use their hard ticket.


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The bands have not been used but I got them on a prior trip but we've always used our custom bands, I guess what we were getting at was would she be able to use my ticket for the day since there is no fingerprint on the band.


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She’ll be fine. Go ahead and try it. It’s not like they look at her ID to try to match it on the magic band when her finger print doesn’t work. :rolleyes:
In all seriousness though, Disney is running a promotion where AP holders can buy a discounted ticket for friends. Might want to look into that.
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