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I know this is a stupid question but what do the VPs of each of the parks do? And how do you become one?


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They tell those below them what those above them want them to do. And you become one by playing the corporate game.


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This is probably the most oversimplified, insulting, and ignorant statement on what an executive level position does I've ever heard.
I guess it depends on how many presidents and senior vice presidents sit between you and the Chairman of your division...
  • Bob Chapek – Chairman, Disney Parks, Experiences and Products
    • Michael Colglazier – President, Disney Parks Eastern Region and Managing Director, Asia Pacific
      • Philippe Gas – Vice President & Executive Managing Director, Walt Disney Attractions Japan and Disneyland International
      • Joe Schott – President and General Manager, Shanghai Disney Resort
        • Lesz Banham – Chief Financial Officer
        • Andrew Bolstein – Senior Vice President, Operations
        • Murray King – Vice President, Public Affairs and Communications
      • Stephanie Young – Managing Director, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort
        • Mariam Im – Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
        • Wai Quen Chan – Vice President, Human Resources
        • Linda Choy – Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
        • Edward Goh – Vice President, Commercial Strategy
        • Damien Lee – Vice President, Operations
        • Mary Ann Say – Director, Revenue Management and Analytics
        • Terruce Wang – Vice President, Hotel Operations, Business Solutions & Events
        • Paul Webb-Johnson – Director, Head of Project Management
        • Annie Wharmby – Director, Entertainment & Costuming
        • Rita Tang – Assistant Chief Counsel - Head of Legal
    • Jill Estorino – Executive Vice President, Global Marketing and Sales
    • Tami Garcia – Senior Vice President, Human Resources and Diversity and Inclusion
    • Alannah Hall-Smith – Senior Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
    • Kevin Lansberry – Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
    • Tilak Mandadi – Executive Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer
  • Ken Potrock – President, Consumer Products
    • Tasia Filippatos – Senior Vice President, Consumer Products Commercialization, EMEA
    • Mahesh Samat – Executive Vice President, Consumer Products Commercialization, Asia Pacific
    • Miguel Vives – Senior Vice President, Consumer Products Commercialization, Latin America
  • Catherine Powell – President, Disney Parks Western Region
    • Josh D'Amaro – President, Disneyland Resort
    • George A. Kalogridis – President, Walt Disney World Resort
      • Jim MacPhee – Senior Vice President, Operations
        • Maribeth Bisienere – Senior Vice President, Walt Disney World Parks
        • Thomas Mazloum – Senior Vice President, Resorts & Transportation Operations
          • Alison Armor – Vice President, Transportation Operations
          • Mahmud Dhanani – Vice President, Resorts
    • Natacha Rafalski – Présidente of Disneyland Paris
      • Grégoire Champetier – Senior vice president, Commercial
      • Daniel Delcourt – Senior vice president, Operations & COO
        • Gilles Dobelle – Vice president, Legal
        • Daniel Dreux – Vice President Human Resources
        • Boris Solbach – Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer
      • Francesca Romana Gianesin – Senior vice president, Experience & Product Synergy & Integration
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