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Park Ticket price potentially increasing

Mr Ferret 88

Don't buy a Honda 😎
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I think mid-January (after MLK holiday) to mid-February isn't heavy crowds.

John park hopper

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My May trip this year during the week was moderately crowded and the week ends -heavy. May trip in 2017 was about the same as crowds in 2018
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Minnesota disney fan

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I've been reading this thread with interest. I don't have a dog in this race, BUT, I have good friends from the UK. They tell me they get great discounts on visits to WDW. I think they get a cheap rate for 3 week visits, not sure. They also mentioned free dining, and a nice gift card to spend when they get here. They have commented that the most expensive part of their WDW vacation is the flight to WDW and back.
So, I would gather from this, that a lot of UK residents get nice benefits for visiting.
I agree with others, this might be a troll!


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My point was - it isn't a state run company that it has to give anything away to a local population. It's run for profit.

I doubt annual passes ever effects Disney stock price.

Ban the cheap annual pass for Floridians.

As someone with a Florida resident AP, I can guarantee you I spend MUCH more at the parks than the average guest. We go AT LEAST twice a year, for a week, usually stay at a moderate or higher resort, eat at least one table service meal per day and always bring home a few souvenirs so don't act like all Florida residents are cheap-os who don't spend money in the parks.


A naughty bit o' crumpet
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There's always exceptions.

But most locals will not be paying to stay in a hotel. Most locals i saw were using the parks the way we use parks in other states - as a place to go and chill and relax, bringing their own foods, drinks, and clogging up the park.

Locals won't buy any merchandise. A foreigner will. Just the excitement being in a foreign country, once in a lifetime trip makes tourists lose their minds and spend the cash.

Foreigners will also have no choice but to eat at parks and surrounding areas.

Foreigners also have to pay for car parking. For the life of me i have no idea why local residents get a free perk like not having to pay for parking. For the two weeks i was in Disney, i paid nearly $160 to park my car - why am i being punished? Why is a local getting the perks free?

Cheap local passes crowd the parks up to insane levels - and turns away high spending tourists, who will seek adventures elsewhere. So whilst Disney may see crowd levels high, they could actually be turning away high spending tourists.

Abolish the cheap local passes in Orlando. Bare minimum make a single tier yearly pass at the top rate. Abolish perks like free parking too. And stop the discounts on restaurants. Crowds will lessen, more high spending tourists will return. Revnue will be higher, and most importantly the experience will be brilliant.
“Most locals I saw”? That’s the basis of your tantrums? Looking at someone, instinctively knowing they’re both local and aren’t staying in a hotel? Stop the trolling....


A naughty bit o' crumpet
Premium Member
Yes. I speak, engage with people.

So many locals sitting down with their own huge spreads of food made in their own kitchen.
Nope. My 'tantrums' are how wonderful the parks are to visit when the cheap annual passes are blacked out. These are peak periods too.
No, you don’t. You use the occasional “conversation” to generalize and throw online hissy fits, hoping no one will notice. In this thread and others.

But you stay classy....

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