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Hello all. I'm making my first post as I have some concerning information for those planning to visit and Hop in 2021. Considering the new park reservation system I emailed customer service with the following question:

When park hopping returns in 2021 will the guest be required to have a park reservation at all parks he/she intends to hop each day (this may be 2-3 parks) or just one park reservation for the 'primary' park of the day?

The response I received is as follows:

That is a great question. However, at this time the specifics on how Park Hopping will be handled have not been released. Pleased stay tuned to Walt Disney World® Operations and for the most up-to-date information as it becomes available.

Keep this in mind if you are a big pre-planner as you may have unforeseen limitations.


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Personally, I don't believe Park Hopping will return unless they remove the Park Pass Reservation system or modify it to allow you to reserve your park hops.
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Thats understandable. Disney doesnt know what direction they will take in another month let alone next year. Everything will depend on where we are in tackling this spread. They may just throw us a curve and decide to keep everything as is because its working for them. I'm certainly hoping that PH gets put back in place because we use it a lot and it works in giving us more options during our 2 weeks.
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I mean, Ive never park hopped... ever ... in the 20 or so years I've gone to disney. I wont mind it if it doesnt return soon.

But I can see its appeal to some. As soon as the vaccine is out and more and more people get it, they’ll random allow it again with short notice (IMO)
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I wouldn’t mind if they implemented something like an “after 2pm” you can park hop kinda thing...maybe by summer ‘21. The reservation system goes until Jan 2022 so we can assume you would still have to pick an initial Park to go to...a second Park is your own wild card. You just need the hopper option on your ticket.
At some point 100% capacity returns in 2022 and the reservation system goes away and it’s a free for all again.
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