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Have been enjoying having no lines and such for rides but as someone who loves to park hop it is a bit rough. For me it's basically spend 4 - 5 hours and then go back to the resort, or try and do the full 10 hours. It makes it real rough to do that.

Man I wish park hopping was allowed.
In a perfect World, it would be nice if the Park Pass operated a bit similar to FP+ whereas after you entered the original Park, you could check other park availability and make another reservation. However no rentry to either Park, limited to only 2 Parks per day and entry to 2nd Park has some time period from original entry like 4 hrs or so.


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Part of the park hopping problem is the reduced attendance and staffing...they have to staff up, if park hopping is allowed.

Also, related to the monorail, the Epcot to TTC line will not run until park hopping is allowed, again.


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You may enter the same park as often as your heart desires.
I wasn't aware that Park Hoppers were not available right now. Fortunately I had already decided that I wasn't going in again until the all clear is sounded on the "mask" situation. But, no PH's would be a deal breaker for me and other AADD affected travelers. I have never been without a park hopper. It is as much a part of the experience for me as the trip from the Transportation Center across to MK. Being dropped off at the Entrance to Magic Kingdom is just a let down for me that it really spoils the day. Picky, I know, but at least I don't take pictures of Restroom ceilings.

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