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Hi everyone. I'm looking for recommendations for non disney hotels near Disney paris where you've stayed? We'd like to be close to a train station and /or have shuttle to the parks.
Breakfast included would be good.
Also recommendations for safe cheapish hotels in Paris itself?
Thanks so much


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Anywhere in Val D'Europe would work well. There is a train station there (couple minute ride to the park) and several of the hotels have shuttles.

We have stayed at the Aparthotel Adagio (AirBnB) and the Holiday Inn Express and both were fine. Though we had a car and drove to the parks.

Aparthotel, L'Eyesee, Vienna House, Raddison Blu, and probably others all have free shuttles. You could even walk from Val D'Europe if you really wanted to.


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"Cheap" hotels in Paris iteself is probably not going to be something you can find. Like most major cities, the closer you get to downtown and/or tourist attractions, the higher the price will go. So you have to weigh whether you would rather stay farther outside of town and take a train in or pay more for the flexibility of being able to walk to many places.

At different points in my life I've felt different ways. Btu when we last visited Paris, we found a hotel near Palais Garnier for <$200 a night. Hotels way out were ~$100 and for me it was worth $100/night to be downtown for a couple nights. Walking the streets of a different city in the evening is part of the attraction of travel to me, but YMMV.

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