News Pacific Wharf to be Reimagined into San Fransokyo


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Announced at D23 2022 - concept art below.

"Pacific Wharf in Disney California Adventure park, which evokes San Francisco’s waterfront, will be reimagined into San Fransokyo from “Big Hero 6,” where East meets West, and technology meets tradition. Imagineers are in the early phases of this work, but you can see glimpses of what’s to come for children of all ages – the young and young at heart. There will be a place to meet Baymax, plus new spots to eat and shop!"



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So they’re turning mini Monterey bay into mini San Francisco to put in Disney animation IP. But most of DCA is already Pixar… why not keep it Monterey bay and make it Finding Dory, which is very Monterey bay esque already. And it would match DCA Pixarness.

Oh but they already added finding dory stuff at Disneyland I guess? Lowkey feel like they wanted to re add the golden gate to the park, which I get I guess, it is a beautiful bridge.

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I’m neutral in this project. Pacific Wharf never really had much going for it. We’ve seen nothing but IPs in the parks, so this change is nothing surprising. I’ll be happy to see a Golden Gate Bridge replica again, especially if it’s at least somewhat tall.


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So San Fransokyo is in California???

Wasn't that the name of a town in the Man in High Castle story? It took place in a alternative history were Germany and Japan won World War II and they split the United States in two. Japan got the west coast.


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I just got back from brunch and a post-brunch Target run. This is all I missed? Yikes. :oops:

This looks and sounds really dumb. Almost pointless. A waste of money and resources. They aren't even bringing back the free tortilla samples. This is just.... dumb.

In much happier and more exciting news... the sun has returned to SoCal and brunch was fabulous.🌞I had a Mimosa to celebrate the sun (I'm not usually a day drinker), and a fantastic Eggs Benedict. The brunch chatter at my table was dishy and gossipy and hysterical.

I am suddenly vindicated in avoiding D23 Expo. Plus, I got in a good Target run! :cool:


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When I first heard this, I got a little excited because I like the look of the movie. But I misheard what they were actually doing. When I realized it was another overlay for an existing area, I was perplexed. There is no point to this at all. How much Baymax stuff do they think they are going to sell with this? Do they really think they will get a return on investment for this?

So, just to sum up: current management is not willing to put budget into anything of substance, but are totally ok with a cheap overlay if they think it will sell toys. Chapek and D'Amaro aren't just cheap, they are so blinded by corporate synergy they are willing to sell the soul of the parks.

Ugh. I think we can officially say that we are now in Pressler-era 2.0. I was out of the parks then, and I'm out now.

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