Out of the way places to watch Wishes?


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On our last trip, we watched Wishes on the bridge from the hub to fantasyland/tomorrowland (the one leading to the teacups, etc). Unfortunately, trees obstructed many of the lower fireworks and the audio was hard to hear as there were no speakers near us. I wouldn't repeat that again.

Having watching Wishes from a couple of other vantage points (main street, rail station, in front of the castle, contemporary, poly beach), I was wondering if there were other out of the way places where you like watching wishes? I've heard from near the exit area of BTMR is good, I've heard standing right in front of Haunted Mansion gates, etc. In particular:
What are the crowd levels?
Can you hear the sound track?
What parts of the show are hidden by scenery, etc?


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I agree, Narcoosees is a great place to watch. We time it so that we are watching during or right after dessert. Also have watched Wishes from the beach at the Polynesian after dining at Kona. My brother says behind the Castle is good. I have watched in front of (before the remodel), down by the train near Main Street (easy out), or on the side...near the Haunted Mansion and on the bridge to tomorrowland. Before the dessert party, we watched it from the Tomorrowland terrace as there was nothing there but chairs and tables, so we could sit. There really are a lot of good places but of course, you have to avoid the trees. Then once over, we get out ice cream on main street and sit and wait for the crowds to disperse before we hit the Monorail.
Polynesian beach is a favorite of ours. We also watched from outside the entrance gate after getting off the monorail (we were running a bit late...)


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My favorite spot was right next to the Frontierland Shooting Gallery sitting on the fence. No view of the castle but perfect view of fireworks behind Magic Kingdom and speakers are right next to that spot.


Standing by the Liberty Bell replica in Liberty Square is a favorite spot of mine. The first bridge in Frontierland (the one that leads to Tom Sawyer Island's entrance) is another beautiful spot.


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New spot we watched it from was near the haunted mansion! We had just gotten off the ride, and they had maybe 5 minutes into the show already, and e decided that the interesting view was great and stayed and watched!


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Off campus is best. Make a reservation at Narcoossees at GF for around 9: 30. You'll eat, watch the fireworks from their veranda ( music piped in), and then have dessert.;) 'Ohana is also a nice restaurant to watch Wishes from , as well as California Grill.:)
we stumbled across this at our last visit,we got delayed getting to the world and were takin a stroll around the grand Floridian,around 10 we were outside narcosses and heard the music start, walked down to the dock(music is piped in there too) and had a beautiful view of wishes


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Off campus on fifth floor of Shades of Green parking garage. You can hear the music quite clearly from the Polynesian and Grand Floridian across the street.


You need to be a DVC Member or with someone who is, but the Top of the World Lounge at the Bay Lake Tower (Contemporary) has a spectacular view... both inside the lounge behind a wall of glass and outside on a large patio. The lights are dimmed and the music is simulcast.
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