Our Wedding @ Disney World


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Thank you all for the nice compliments. My wife and I are huge Disney fans, we belong to the Disney Vacation Club and usually go down 3 to 4 times a year.

When we got engaged, we originally were going to have a 'traditional' wedding. However, she is from Long Island and I'm from New Jersey and the costs for doing a 'Long Island' wedding was becoming astronomical. So I said lets run away and elope and of course she wanted the more traditional wedding. Jokingly I said, "Lets get married at Disney." and it kind of snow balled from there.

The wedding planners down at WDW were amazing. We started 'planning' this in January. Flew down in February and met with the wedding planner and got married in May. So it does show that Dreams can come true and Disney World.


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Congratulations! The picture of you guys on the boardwalk is amazing.

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