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In this thread you will see Team Orange/Green's Proposal for a major overhaul of Disney's MGM Studios Park starting in 1995 and going through to the 100 Years of Magic Celebration in 2001. This project will transition MGM Studios from its initial identity as a working studio into a world class theme park with a wonderful foundation for growth while not losing its original charm.

New immersive lands will be added and exciting attractions that will capture the behind the scenes charm of classic MGM Studios while also evolving it into a unique celebration of movies and the worlds they create!

Beginning a brand new era for this park, this project will see Disney MGM Studios evolve from it's original goal as a working movie studio to a park with a sustainable future.

Robust shows, exciting rides, unique experiences, and more!

Anyone of any age can find something to delight them in the new MGM.

Varied experiences will be added to solve the issues that have plagued the real life version of this park since it's opening.

Also, a new direction for both the theme of the park and the path layouts will create a significantly better foundation for the park going forward while not losing sight of what makes it amazing.


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Project Overview


The first stage of this project will start in 1995 with Muppet City. It will better utilize the NY Street area of the park as well as add more family/children focused entertainment.

Then, in 1999 the first fully immersive themed land based on a single property will be added with a Star Wars themed land that will tie into the classic original trilogy and the upcoming prequels.

In 2000, the Backlot Walking tour will finally be replaced with a new immersive, high tech dark ride and an expansion of the Voyage of the Little Mermaid Theater.

Lastly, in 2001 as a part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, Sunset Boulevard and Animation Courtyard will both receive major expansions and a new amazing night time spectacular will be added to the park!


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enhance (3).jpeg

Muppet City



After the success of MuppetVision 3D opening in 1991, Muppet City brings the Muppet Expansion everyone wants, on a budget that everyone likes.

With the popularity of The Muppets Take Manhattan, Muppet City will expand into the New York Street area of the park to mimic the feel from the film.


The reason for the expansion there is that the area was under-utilized. Once it was removed from the backlot tour, the space wasn’t being used effectively which will be fixed with this re-theme.


Muppet City will open in 1995 as the first step in the Disney-MGM Studios re-vamp.

MuppetVision 3D

MuppetVision 3D is the Cornerstone to Muppet City so will not change throughout this re-theme. The facade, pre-show, queue, and show, will keep the same look and feel as the original show designed by Jim Henson himself.

Great Muppet Movie Ride

The Great Muppet Movie Ride would be the main addition to Muppet City bringing a much needed D-Ticket attraction to the park. Here guests can see the Muppets try to retell classic Hollywood films with the classic “Muppets” feel to the area.

The GMMR will take over the area at the back of New York Street where the Premier Theater can be found. Taking that area, and part of the backstage area is enough room for the attraction and queue.

Guests enter the queue through a replica of the Jim Henson Studio gate that can be found in Los Angeles.


From there, guests load onto classic Fantasyland-style ride vehicles shaped as Limos and get a tour through the movies.

Some of the films that the Muppets showcase include: Star Wars, Rocky, Frankenstein, Snow White, and The Lion King.


Pete's Luncheonette

Across from Muppet Vision 3D is the little quick service location known as Pete's Luncheonette. Now Pete's maybe a little old and worn, but they serve the finest "Zeros on a Trampoline with a side of Joan of Arcs" (whatever that is) in the entire city. Please do not mind the cracks in the walls, dear friends! But if you happen to peek through, please do not be disturbed by the rats operating the mixer, or skating on the stove. Pete prides himself by no longer having rats serve the food, they are now making it!

While guests are sitting at their table, they may be serenaded by banging pans and salt shaker maracas played by Rizzo and his family who dance and cook to the tune Rat Scat in the kitchen. The restaurant staff may get in on the action, singing and dancing on the counter tops when certain songs play on the jukebox, enticing the entire rat staff and the guests to join in the fun.

Swedish Chef TS
Located in the former Mama Melrose restaurant, the Swedish Chef finds himself owning his very dining option. Here, guests can find all sorts of “experimental dishes” with meals like “Mystery Meat Swedish Meatballs” or “The back of the Fridge Smorgasbord”.

Throughout the dinner, various messes/ chaos can be heard from the kitchen including loud bangs of dropping pots, chicken feather explosions, and the Swedish Chef trying to lure the “Shrimpy’s” into the pot.

To continue the re-theme throughout New York street, various Muppets will be given apartments throughout the land (some walk-throughs, some facades). The apartments give the Muppets a place to call home right in the park

Kermit Apartment
Located in the former spot of the “Honey, I shrunk the Kids: Movie Set Adventure” and next to Miss Piggy’s apartment, guests can find the apartment of Kermit the Frog. Here, guests can meet different Muppet characters throughout the day. The M&G will mimic what is done on The Muppet Show with the Muppet “sitting” on the ledge with the celebrity (guest) standing in front of it.


Miss Piggy Apartment
Right next door to Kermit Apartment is the apartment of Miss Piggy, who has graciously decided to welcome everyone into her design studio where the next installment of Miss Piggy's clothing line: Who...Moi, is being created. Among the various knick-knacks (including love letters to Kermit), guests can find the interactive design stations where they can create their own digital outfits for various Muppets, but be warned, Miss Piggy has very high standards. Similar to Build-A-Bear, guests can also take a Muppet home with them dressed in one of Miss Piggy's signature clothing lines.

Fozzie Apartment
Located in the batch of facades directly behind MuppetVision 3D, guests can find Fozzie’s apartment. Fozzie’s apartment also doubles as a shop where guests can buy their favourite Fozzie-related gags to try (and his hat if guests so choose)!

Other Various Apartments

Besides the main 3, other Muppets have apartment facades which have various clues as to who may live there.

Guests can find American Flag Bunting outside of Sam the Eagle’s apartment window or Gonzo hanging up the Gonzo the Great outfit outside of his window. Small explosions and Bleaker screams can be heard outside of Dr. Honeydew and Bleaker’s apartment.


Part of what makes the Muppets the Muppets is chaos. And that needs to be replicated in Muppet City. The goal is to replicate that through Streetmosphere.


Traveling deeper into Muppet City, guests may find a strange set of lockers, with what sounds like voices having a conversation, and if guests happen to wander by at the right moment, the doors open up to revel the Muppets (who have for some reason have made these lockers into beds). This impromptu show has jokes, guests participation, and as always with the Muppets, the odd story or two that spirals out of control.

-Electric Mayhem Bus
One distinct thing missing from Muppet City so far is Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. And they were missing for a reason. Travelling throughout Muppet City, guests can find the Electric Mayhem bus driving around.


While Dr. Teeth is driving the bus, the rest of the Electric Mayhem can be found in the back of the bus playing the latest and greatest cover songs. 3 times a day, Electric Mayhem shows will play out in front of Fozzie’s Apartment to get the crowd into it.


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Star Wars: Tatooine Spaceport
Land Expansion

Star Wars has become one of the most popular movie franchises ever, and in 1999, just in time for the release of the upcoming its chapter the Phantom Menace, fans of Star Wars will be able to live their own Star Wars adventure at Disney-MGM Studios. The park will be receiving one of the most immersive theme park lands ever created, where guests will be able to interact with their favorite Star Wars characters in a spaceport located in Tatooine.

This unique land will mark a departure from the behind the scenes style of Disney-MGM Studios, as the land will transition from Star Wars Soundstages into the immersive and mesmerizing world of Star Wars, which will recreate the planet where one of the most epic stories began, as George Lucas himself has been collaborating with Disney Imagineering to make sure the essence of Tatooine is perfectly captured.

Star Wars: Tatooine Spaceport will be built around the beloved attraction, Star Tours, and will be full of Easter Eggs to the original trilogy, as well as some references to the upcoming prequel trilogy. Within the impressive land, guests will be able to either join the rebellion or the empire, visit the infamous Chalmun's Cantina to grab a drink with the one and only Han Solo, negotiate with Jawas to acquire mysterious relics, race against the mightiest pilots of the Galaxy, and more!

New Additions

Pod Racers
E-Ticket Roller Coaster
46” height restriction
FastPass available

Have you ever wanted to know what it felt like to hop in a tin can and be pulled by a couple of airplane turbines? With your visit to Tatooine, now you'll have that chance as there is a open invitation to the Harvest Mile, a pod race to commemorate the start of Harvest Day. While not as cutthroat as the Boonta Eve, this race is no less thrilling, intense or dangerous.


Upon arrival at the stadium, you'll make your way through the garages for a close up look a few pod racers being fine tuned by a few disreputable looking characters. Leaving the garage, entrants make their way into the queue stands where they'll catch the opening glimpses of a few racers starting the course.


When you've shown up for a race, of course you'll need an opponent, so along those lines the attraction will feature a duel coaster set up allowing for twice the loading capability, but also enhance the racing aspect of the ride. After slowly pulling out of the loading area, you and your challengers arrive at the starting line where you'll be launched out onto the course. The course itself will take you into all sorts of mountainous and desert terrain, with a hair raising trip through the caverns to keep you on edge. Nearing the end of the race, both pod racers hit the straightaway as you come roaring into the stands. A thrilling roller coaster experience that will excite older guests while not being too intense to be inaccessible by younger Star Wars fans.


Imperial Academy Troopers
C-Ticket Shooting Gallery Ride
Any Height
FastPass available

Tatooine’s Imperial Academy will be located at the entrance of the area, where Doug: Live! would have been located, as that building will be revamped into an Imperial Plaza, where you’ll be able to find one of entertaining experiences that this Star Wars themed land has to offer, as those who remain loyal to the Empire will not only be given the opportunity to join the ranks and become a Stormtrooper if they succeed at Imperial Academy Troopers, but they’ll also be able to interact with Stormtroopers and meet their fierce leader, Darth Vader, who’s looking for Luke Skywalker and his sister, the Princess Leia Organa, whom you'll be able to find at hidden Rebel Outpost within the area.


Imperial Academy Troopers is a Shooting Gallery Ride that will have a similar layout to the one of Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, and will be able to properly host big crowds, as it’s quasi omnimover system will keep the lines moving quickly, ensuring guest satisfaction, and becoming one of the park’s most efficient family rides. The queue will count with a Gran Moff Tarkin Animatronic that will be encouraging the trainees to do their best in the training program, but he’ll also be warning them about poor results — such as obtaining the maximum score obtainable within the program — will be punished.


This state of the art attraction will immerse guests into the Empire’s Stormtrooper Training Program — which has proven to be the best, as they usually miss their targets — that takes place in an abandoned droid factory, which was used by the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. During the attraction guests will be shooting at passive droids, however midway through the training program, the legendary bounty hunter, Boba Fett, breaks in and causes the factory to malfunction, making it produce more war enhanced droids, that will force guests to shoot at the right target. And now the Troopers don’t only need to fail at shooting their targets who will shoot back at them, but also discover what’s Boba Fett after, and stop him before it’s too late!


Chalmun’s Cantina
Quick service restaurant

There’s no better place in Tatooine to enjoy a nice meal than Chalmun’s Cantina, from it’s magnificent ambiance, to it’s out of this world menu, families from all the Galaxy won’t be able to resist enjoy the meal at the legendary place that is rumored to be frequented by the charming and infamous pilot known as Han Solo, as well as by his hairy friend, the mighty Wookiee, Chewbacca. This Cantina is designed to look just like in the movie, with tons of references like a certain gunshot!


Jawa Moving Market
Retail shop

Looking for a droid? An exotic pet? Some mysterious relics? Then be in the lookout for the Jawa Moving Market, it travels around Tatooine offering some of the most exclusive goods in the whole system! And if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find the massive ship parked within the spaceport. Visit the Jawa Moving Market, and find some exclusive Star Wars merchandise, that you’ll be able to get if you offer the right price to one of the Jawa operators.


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Starting the 2000 upgrade will be:

Warehouse of Wonders

Approaching the former location of the of the Studio Backlot tour, guest will see a large marquee advertising an exclusive tour called the Warehouse of Wonders. Staff standing outside a "Reitherman's Props" sign beckon guest forward with they call's of excitements declaring it a true tour of wonders and a must do for any fan of the movies. Entering facility, guest will find themselves walking through in the lobby of Reitherman's Props, where they can find images of some of Reitherman's greatest achievements line the walls. Guest will continue to make their way down the hall past a series of closed conference rooms, if they listen close enough they might hear discussions concerning what props are needed for the next big blockbuster.

Continuing down the hall, guest will finally reach a double door with the sign "Prop Room" located over it. Walking through, guest will enter the small proper section of Reitherman's Props, shelves reaching the ceiling can be seen for as far as the eye can see. Guest will snake through the small prop room walking by proms from films such as Marvin's Room, The Santa Clause, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, Honey, I Blew up the kids, Who Framed Rodger Rabbit, The Rocketeer, The Great Muppet Caper, George of the Jungle and many many more.

After snaking through what seems like miles of shelves, guest will approach the end of the pathway where they will be greeted by the "Prop Tour". At this point guest will be broken into groups and lead into a small theatre where they will be greeted by there host and tour guy Carl. Stepping on to the screen, Carl begins his pre-ride brief.

"Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen to the Warehouse of Wonders. Here at Reitherman's Props we have been building and supplying some of the biggest and most recognizable props for some of the biggest Hollywood movies. During this tour, I'm sure you will all see props from your favorite films. However, before we begin our tour, I need to go other some of the Reitherman's Prop rules. Please do not use any flash photography, some of our artifacts are quite old and we want to prevent any damage from them happening. Second, please stay inside the tour vehicle, parent keeps a close eye on your child and children please keep a close eye on your parents. Finally, try not to get lost. We have lost too many interns after finding them lost in the prop room ranting about living props. Now that that is down, please proceed to the loading dock."

Ride Map.png

Section One: Please be Seated
Leaving the theatre, guest will find their selves broken into groups no larger than 6 individuals before loading their awaiting vehicle. On the map, this is labeled as section one. The ride vehicle is a precursor to the units used in Pooh's Honey Hunt and relies on wireless technology to move the vehicle around. With this type of technology at hand, no two rides are exactly the same. The ride system will operate with a group of 4 vehicles at a time following each other through the attraction.

Section Two: Quiet Beginning
The doors before the front car open up and they four vehicles proceed to the first room. As they enter, the animatronic form of Carl comes into view and welcomes them. "Ahh, I see you found your way to the tour vehicles and are following all of the provides rules. This is good, now as we begin.."
"Paging Carl", An intercom voice interrupts Carl mid-speech,
"Yes, Joyce" Carl responds.
"Yes, I know you said not to interrupt during a tour, but we have Michael Bay here demanding a refund... Something about the explosion not being large enough"
"Okay, coming I'll be right there" Carl turns his attention back to the guest. "Well, this is unfortunate. Hopefully, this should only take a couple of seconds, go ahead and proceed to the next room and I'll meet you there."
The vehicles proceed to the next room, with the front two vehicles taking one entrance and the rear two taking the other. (think the start of Mystic Manor).

Section Three: Box Office Bomb
The vehicles come to rest, making a V-shaped formation to a mock stage built for a host to talk to them. The ride will sit for a period of uncomfortable silence before the voice of Carl comes on the intercom.
"Sorry guys, it looks like this will take longer than expected. Luckily we spared no expense when we developed this attraction and each tour vehicle as a digital tour guide built in. Let me activate it and you guys should be on your way".
With a click, a synthetic voice begins to drone one "Since it's founding in 1923, Reitherman's Prop has been..." as the vehicles move towards the hallway.

Section Four: Chaos
The ride vehicles will continue with the tours and proceed down an aisle of props with the vehicles slowly rotating from side to side to provide quest will props. Thie props contained in this hallway all relate to famous live-action Disney Film. While proceeding on what seems like a quiet journey, pulses of light begin to flicker when suddenly the audio drops and the lights go out entirely. With a bump, the four vehicles rush in a dark chamber with fog rolling across the floor.

Section Five: The Force Awakens


Immediately upon entering the room the humidity of a thick jungle can be felt as smoke rolls along the flooring in front of them. All is quiet, as the lights slowly fade into existence, the original X-Wing prompt can be seen rising out of the fog in front of them. The ride stays stationary as the X-Wing opens its wings into Attack position and begins to fire on the riders. As room begins to explode around them, the ride vehicles spin around rapidly retreating from the room. However, during the process, the vehicle randomly separate with two of them proceeding into Section Six a and the other two proceeding into Section Six B.

Section Six A: The Falling
The doors close behind them groups and all seems calm as the ride vehicles begin slowly proceeding down one of the many hallways. They proceed halfway down the hallway before a large crash echoes through the hallway and the Ark of the Convenient comes crashing down with the lid sliding open. A blinding light pierces from the sky as a large gust starts whipping through the hallway. Slowly before the ride vehicle, the shelving units begin crashing in front of them. As they quickly retreat, the falling shelves speed up almost hitting the last vehicle before the ride spins around the corner into the large open chamber of Section Seven.

Section Six B: What do Robots Dream Of

The doors close behind the second groups and all seems calm as the ride vehicles begin slowly proceeding down one of the many hallways. All seems quiet until a robotic voice echoes through the hallway. "DANGER. WILL ROBINSON DANGER" The ride rotates to see the original B9 Robot from the 1960s TV Series "Lost in Space" walking out of the shadows. The lights flicker as the two vehicles spin around and come face to face to one of the Original Godzilla Costumes coming towards them. The ride zoom base the corner will guest come eye to eye with B9 Fighting Godzilla as the ride backs into the large open Chamber of Section Seven.

Section Seven: The Dance of Coconut
Finally reunited after their unique adventures, guest will find themselves in what appears to be the party room of the prop warehouse. The four ride vehicles will dance around the room as they watch the various props come to life. In one corner, guest will see the Autopilot from Airplane wearing what looks like the Jetpack from Thunderball. While next to him, a suit of armor can be seen clapping a coconut together has he "rides" of into the sunset. In another section of the room, the primates from 2001 Space Odyssey can be seen inspecting the Leg Lamp with they bone club in hand. In another section, the two sections of Herby can be seen dancing around each other in a comical way. These are just a small taste of the props that can be spotted coming to life in the part room. Finally, in the center of the room, they will see the Jumanji game board open with what looks like a vortex trying to suck the riders into a game of Jumanji. Spinning closer and closer to the Jumanji board all seems loss before the ride breaks off and proceeds out of the room.

Section Eight: The Navigator
Entering this calm stage, the four vehicles will pass the ship from Flight of the Navigator as it hovers in the rooms looking for a way to escape. Seeming like a calm location the ride slows down and guest are allowed to enjoy the peace of a flying UFO, however, the quiet doesn't seem long

Section Nine: Who Squashed the Guest
Things finally seem quiet as the ride finally stops for a breather, however, the celebration might be too soon. A large rumble can be felt as the wall in front of them crashes down in front of them when the steamroller from Who Framed Rodger Rabbit comes steaming into the room with all intentions to crush them. (Yes this will be the same Steam Roller that was once part of the Backlot Tour, and the one used in the actual film). Right before they are about to be crushed, the Voice of Carl echoes into the room. "STOP RIGHT WHERE YOU WERE". The Steamroller instant shuts down and the four ride vehicles pass the danger on either side.

Section Ten: The Promise Land
Proceeding into this final room, the figure of Carl can be seen addressing the tourist.
"Finally, I found you guys. I'm so sorry about that, I should have warned you that those props have a mind of their own. However, after all, they call it Movie Magic for a reason. I hope you guys don't tell my boss, he will flip if he knew I let you guys tour the prop room alone. Please come back again, I promise next time will be different"
Like they did in the beginning, the ride two front vehicles will proceed past Carl on the Right side as the Two rear pass on the Left. They will enter the closing queue, in what looks like to be an office hallway. On one side they can see Carls office, and the yells of the current Reitherman warning him against leaving the guest alone.

Finally, guest bewildered from their ride through the Warehouse of Wonders reach the unloading station. They will proceed to unload in an orderly fashion where they proceed to the Prop Gift Shop where they can take home a piece of the movie magic.

Rounding out the 2000's upgrades will be:

The Lillian Bounds Theatre
The Little Mermaid Theatre is granted a major expansion in 2000. Now renamed the Lillian Bounds Theatre, this location serves as the home for Cinderella: A Disney Classic. This hour long retelling of Walt Disney's favorite film features all of the most famous moments from the film and more, with dazzling effects, beautiful sets, and an entire cast of live singers ready to bring this story of hope and dreams to life.


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enhance (2).jpeg

Maroon Studios

Starting in 2001, Animation Courtyard will receive an expansive makeover taking it from a small side attraction to fully developed area dedicated to the animation, cartoon characters, and Roger Rabbit. As guests exit from the center of the park near the Chinese Theatre, instead of concrete, they will instead find a grassy quad with a multitude of paths to follow. This design choice reflects the architecture of the original Walt Disney Studios located on Hyperion Ave. Not only will this be a homage to Disney’s very humble beginnings, but also gives this land an air of authenticity of basing it’s main building off a real live, working model.

The Ink & Paint Club

Replacing the Soundstage Restaurant is the popular club from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. This family friendly table service eatery has all of the look and feel of the movie’s version, with guests needing a “password” to get in (just don’t comment on the monkey suit). Guest waiting for a table can relax in the black and white lounge dedicated to the old black and white cartoons of yesteryear. The servers are clad in monotone colors and even the drinks match in name and color, like the most popular drink, the Ink blot.

Once seated in the main portion of the club, guests can dine will watching cartoons and funny shorts. Every once in a while the movie unravels and guests can see the antics of the cartoon characters behind the scenes. During the holiday seasons, like Christmas and Halloween, the Ink & Paint Club plays host to special event parties and food.

The Art of Animation

As this attraction was fairly new at the time, the Art of Animation will remain largely unchanged other than some exterior remodeling. Instead of the giant sorcerer mickey, the entrance will reflect the appearance of the Maroon Cartoon entrance in the Roger Rabbit movie. All of the inside activities remain largely unchanged with just a few additions of Maroon Cartoon posters and character windows.

The Terminal Bar

Behind the main Art of Animation building is the Terminal bar, a “dingy, dark” place where the reprobates and struggling animators hang out. Unfortunately, Deloris is out on vacation with Eddie, but she left several of her bartenders behind to serve up a wide range of alcoholic drinks and themed snacks like Chips and "Dip". Just don’t be too alarmed if the lights overhead flicker and the ground shakes as the trains rumble pass the window. And if a little pick me up is needed, just request the barkeep to play “the Merry-Go-Round Broke Down” and watch the place come alive.

Cloverleaf Trolley
Many things have changed since Cloverleaf has started to buy up businesses including The Pacific Electric Red Car, but service seems to be running without interruption so need for concern. The Trolley will still make its normal route through the Toontown Tunnel, onto Sunset Blvd, and down the street to turn towards the Chinese Theatre. From here, guests can disembark or continue to ride to the front of the park. This is the last stop before the Trolley returns back to Maroon Studios to pick up more artists and guests.

Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin
The popular dark ride Roger Rabbit's Cartoon Spin in Disneyland will now have a clone here in Maroon Studios. Other than some minor upgrades in terms of technology, this ride will still take guests on a wild ride with Roger and friends.

This small section at the back of Maroon Studios is the place to meet Mickey and the gang along with Roger Rabbit. Open up your autograph books and have your cameras ready because the gang's here to greet you!

Mickey Mouse in: We Are Rolling!

A new Mickey Mouse themed Fantasyland style dark ride where Mickey mouse is filming a new short. The rest of the crew are all his friends such as Goofy, Donald, Minnie, Daisy, and more! Get ready for Hollywood Hyjinks and crazy mischief! This madcap adventure starting the big cheese will take heavy inspiration from Mr. Toad to creat a dark ride equally as mad and small scale (though the only hell here is the development hell unloved scripts get stuck in)


As in Who Frames Roger Rabbit, Maroon Cartoons was a working studio with live actors and cartoon characters wandering around the grounds, creating a sense of a lived-in environment. This is exactly the atmosphere Disney wants to replicate with Maroon Studios.

Fantasia Broomstick Sweep

Following a saxophone player playing the music from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice are the Fantasia Broomsticks who do a little choreographed sweep of the Studio grounds. This is an intermittent act that does not have any dedicated time slots.

Character Windows

Guests who wonder the Maroon Studios grounds may come across character windows which continuously show various cartoon silhouettes practicing their lines or trying to sing just the right note.

Interactive Props

Littered all around the studio grounds are interactive props that can be opened, emit strange or funny noises, or provide great photos ops (Hyacinth Hippo’s broken bench, a fallen safe, the Movie shoe box, and talking trash cans).

For those who journey passed the Lillian Bounds Theatre, they will find an all new E-ticket ride that brings together the magic of the movies with today's technology.


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enhance (1).jpeg

Land Expansion
“The Hollywood that never was” is finally a reality on Sunset Boulevard, which undergoes a huge expansion in 2001. All the glitz, glamour, mystery and intrigue of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror – a fully immersive experience in a park which otherwise pulls back the curtain – is now to be found throughout Sunset Boulevard, where the fantay of Golden Age Hollywood completely engrosses guests!

With Hollywood Boulevard covering the urban center of an industry town, Sunset Boulevard becomes the residential area, a lush hillside retreat for celebrities and moguls. It is a green space in a park which needs it. Inspiration comes from Hollywood Hills, Griffith Park and Los Feliz, all appearing as they would from the 1920s to the 1950s.


Sunset Boulevard bustles with activity. Heading towards the imposing Tower of Terror, guests pass functioning Cloverleaf Red Cars which regularly travel to and from Maroon Studios. Maroon Studios is now accessible from the former “dead end” at the Tower, reached through a replica Griffith Park tunnel seen in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Nearby is Magic Mansion, an otherworldly private club run by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Opposite this, the Hollywood Hills loom large, complete with a forced perspective “Hollywoodland” Sign and radio tower on their peak. This hilly berm – which hides the Gangster Patrol show building – is dotted with celebrity mansions growing ever smaller up the slopes. What else lies down this winding residential street? Purchase a “map to the stars” and find out!


Pushing down Laurel Canyon, guests are hugged by the Hollywood Hills and Griffith Observatory. More mansions appear behind landscaped yards, from Modernist Neutras to Spanish Colonials to British Tudors. Continuing along, past more hillside landmarks, guests at last reach the Fantasmic Theater – located in the far corner as always, but now with more attractions around it to give this leafy corner of the park extra life both day and night.

Come to Sunset Boulevard! The sun shines bright, the yards are wide and inviting, and celebrities are seen around every corner. And who knows, you might even become a movie star…or at least meet one. Yes, my friends, all this and more is to be found on Sunset Boulevard!



The Rocketeer Over Hollywood
E-ticket flight similar
40” height restriction
FastPass available

Go for a dazzling flight alongside the Rocketeer, that high-flying hero of derring-do, in the skies over Hollywood! Queue through Griffith Observatory into a moored zepellin airship where riveted, streamlined jetpack-benches await. Sail and glide on a ride system borrowed from Soarin’ Over California, opening the same year at Disney’s California Adventure. Our aerial mission sees us investigating a suspected German spy plane, all while zooming through movie premiers, the L.A. River, La Brea Tar Pits (complete with scent effects), with an explosive finale in a special effects soundstage!


Gangster Patrol
E-ticket EMV thrill ride
46” height restriction
FastPass available

Sunset’s expansion headliner is Gangster Patrol, a thrilling motion-base dark ride. Guests enter a shadowy noir world of cops ‘n’ robbers, of private investigators and dames…the dark side of the Hollywood dream.

Beneath Hollywood's glitzy surface, there is a dark underbelly, a criminal community of gangsters, racketeers and extortionists. An underworld where life is cheap and law has no meaning. That’s where Gangster Patrol comes in! A volunteer offshoot of the LAPD, run by freelance gumshoes, Gangster Patrol is dedicated to cleaning up the streets and eradicating crime. That’s where you come in!

Calling all recruits! Join the Gangster Patrol and help put an end to Mr. Boss and his mafia gang! The honor you’ll receive is great, but the danger is real. So prepare for a hair-raising, rough-and-tumble car ride into the darkest pits of Los Angeles, as you join…


Recruits will find Gangster Patrol’s main offices carefully hidden within an innocuous Hollywood Hills façade. Specifically, a Frank Lloyd Wright mansion, one of his “Mayan Revival” concrete creations like the Ennis or Hollyhock House, which immediately conjures up images of film noir.


The interior is all angled, expressionist shadows pouring through Venetian blinds. Faded Jazz Age music crackles on a vintage radio, interspersed with news reports of a crimewave. The décor is very Gilded Age, all Tiffany lamps and Greene & Greene furniture. This is the home of Nicky Valor, P.I., head of Gangster Patrol. Recruits queue in here just long enough to get a sense for the detective’s weary life…a life they’re about to live.

Recruits continue further into the city's underground, descending into a hidden speakeasy cellar tunnel. This transitions them further into a noir nighttime world – all inside a massive show building hidden within the Hollywood Hills of Sunset. These tunnels are dank and heavy with intrigue.

Guests are pulsed into a private, subterranean movie theater for a pre-show. Lights dim, and a projector beams black & white newsreel footage in the breathless style of Dragnet:


This is the city, Los Angeles, California. A paradise on earth. But trouble is brewing in paradise, in the form of organized crime. That is where we come in. We are the Gangster Patrol, a team of freelance gumshoes dedicated to cleaning up the streets. We walk on water, veritable angels in the City of Angels, as -

The reel breaks down. Blind white flood the film canvas. Then the silhouette of private eye Nicky Valor appears in the light, ready to dish out our mission.

Alright, youse mugs, listen up. This is your supervisor. My name’s Valor, Nicky Valor. My informants say Mr. Boss is planning a big diamond heist tonight at the Hollywood Museum of Art. Your mission: Follow the stickup men back to Mr. Boss’ hideout, and bring in the lot of ‘em. Justice must be served! The LAPD have deputized us on this one too, so this is our collar. Now pay attention, recruits! Your vehicle tonight is this –


- a 1947 Chevrolet Coupe convertible, retrofitted complete with forward-facing cannon – enough firepower to take out the steeliest operation. But be aware of its cool-down period. It can only pop off once every coupla minutes. Now, safety instructions…

Following the expected safety spiel, recruits continue outside into a dingy nighttime alley. They pass a fence plastered with wanted posters for kingpin Mr. Boss and his many colorful cohorts. Police sirens wail blocks away. Searchlights probe the rain-slicked tenements. The air is thick with atmosphere.


The tension builds as recruits climbs stairs and pass through Nicky Valor’s private office. Picture a classic P.I. work space, sparse furnishings and cluttered sheets, with horizontal blinds and a slowly spinning ceiling fan. Windows overlook a brick-lined garage below.


Descending stairs, guests enter this oil-slicked garage. Stylistically, it’s a healthy stew of crime tropes. The setting is simultaneously 1920s Prohibition and 1940s noir, both Los Angeles and Chicago – an idealized fantasy realm of cops & robbers. Cast members in trench coats and fedoras load guests into their black Chevrolet coupes, complete with prominent front bumper cannons. A police radio crackles to life on the dashboard, and the adventure is underway!

(Gangster patrol is a thrilling dark ride upon Enhanced Motion Vehicles, full of stops, drops and rough roads. It is the same ride system as Indiana Jones Adventure. Actually it’s the same layout too, done to help with development time and budget. But with new noir sights around every turn, it’s an entirely unique experience, one guests are guaranteed to love!)


Slowly the coupe pulls out into a dark avenue. Beyond fences, the nighttime city skyline is all lit up with neon and popcorn bulbs. Ambient jazz music wafts from a nearby club.

Passing under a roaring El Train track, the coupe creeps up a slanted alleyway. The police radio frantically describes gunmen ransacking the Hollywood Museum of Art. Ahead is the museum’s side wall. The coupe parks, shuts off its headlights, and waits.

The museum wall explodes! In the smoke we hear crooks escaping, tires screeching. The museum alarm bares. Our coupe swerves through a 4-way intersection, past a braking delivery truck, and silently pursues!


Continuing down city streets. Cop cars are seen down narrow boulevards, also in pursuit. The radio chatter goes nuts. We follow receding headlights down a Mulholland Drive overlook of the downtown skyscrapers. We turn left.


Suddenly the coupe pauses, overlooking the seedy docks of Long Beach. There is so much to take in! Rotting wood warehouses line the piers. Ahead is a cargo ship, with a riveted steel bridge crossing before it. Below, the fog-shrouded shore break. And continuing left, through shattering warehouse doors…

We enter Mr. Boss’ warehouse hideout. It’s quiet for now, just a few parked Mercury hot rods and countless wooden crates…and the stolen diamond the size of a skull. Until dozens of animatronic gangsters pop up from the crates, all wielding tommy guns and other artillery.


Guests feel bullets whizzing past overhead – air jet blasts. The coupe drives away, the pursuer now the pursued! We flee the attacking gangsters, zooming down a loading dock. Gunfire explodes trash cans! Their lids fly! A telephone pole topples. We swerve again.

The coupe races down a shadowy corridor, then pauses. A metallic reverberation rings out. Our headlights turn on, revealing we’ve been sealed up inside a steel shipping container. From the noises outside, it’s being lifted by crane onto the ship!

And Mr. Boss’ men outside open fire. Bullet holes pellet the steel walls. Shafts of light cut the darkness. Trapped like rats! There’s only one option: the coupe’s cannon! It fires, exploding a container door, and we dive outside to safety!

Except now our cannon is too hot to fire again. And we’re upon the steel bridge, now under attack from the loading crane swinging about overhead, flinging the cargo container within inches of our heads.


The coupe speeds to the opposite shore, to an oil refinery field stretching to the hills. Ahead is Mr. Boss himself inside a steel-reinforced truck. In the truck bed, the diamond. We pursue, dodging flames which burst from nearby oil pipelines. Mr. Boss maneuvers his truck, forcing us down a pier.

The coupe is herded directly into the cargo ship’s hold, into the engine room. No time to stop now! We speed on, plowing over machinery as gangster silhouettes upstairs scramble in response.


We race down the seashore, under the bridge. Fog obscures nearly everything. All that is visible are gangster searchlights from the ship above. Looking to avoid detection, we desperately turn down a giant drain pipe.

Things are quiet again. The coupe slowly traverses a dark, watery cistern. It pauses, the engine struggling. It dies. We wait.


We hear manholes opening above, and see gangsters’ shadows projected against stained concrete walls. Sticks of dynamite drop into the reservoir. The coupe’s engine struggles, then finally turns over. With seconds to spare we speed away, just as explosions erupt behind us, flinging a light mist of water!

But no safety yet! We’ve driven into an underground subway tunnel, directly over the tracks. Lights come from behind. A deafening noise grows. A subway train nears! The coupe speeds up, great bursts of air in guests’ hair. We dive for safety down a side tunnel.

Again the coupe stops, shrouded by darkness. Ahead, headlights turn on. Mr. Boss appears driving his heist truck, zooming directly for us! This is a full-scale truck effect, a jaw-dropping finale!


The coupe speeds forward, recklessly playing chicken. At last the forward-facing cannon cools down…and fires! Mr. Boss’ truck erupts into flame, as we dive below its shattering undercarriage!

The coupe swerves to a stop amidst many parked vintage LAPD cruisers. Ahead, Boss' truck is smashed, smoking. An animatronic Nicky Valor loads Mr. Boss into the back of a police paddy wagon. An officer collects the massive diamond.


The police radio congratulates Gangster Patrol for their find work in apprehending Mr. Boss and his criminal gang. As the newly-crowned “heroes of the day,” guests return to Valor’s garage to unload. Returning to Sunset Boulevard via brick hallways, guests even glimpse their on-ride photos, done as tabloid newspapers chronicling their adventure.


Gangster Patrol will be a thrilling, welcome addition to Disney/MGM Studios. It seamlessly plunges guests into Hollywood's past, to a forgotten time of tough dames and hard boiled gumshoes. Like the Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, this is no "behind the scenes" exploration of movie-making, but a journey into the fantasy of Hollywood itself, a city of dreams, of glamour...of corruption.

Come ride with Nicky Valor and clean up the crime-ridden streets, only at Walt Disney World!


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enhance (1).jpeg

Sunset Boulevard Continued.


Silent Slapstick Street Shoot: Live on Location!
Live outdoor streetmosphere

All the world is a soundstage. In Hollywood, you’re never far from an “on location” film shoot…such as the silent movies constantly filming in Laurel Canyon. Performers before a mansion commit spine-breaking, mirth-making comic stunts for a film crew. Pie fights, pratfalls, even Buster Keaton’s famous falling façade bit, it’s all here! And without sound equipment, the director harangues his bumbling actors throughout. You’ll split your side at SSSS: LOL!


Griffith Park Merry-Go-Round
B-ticket carousel

Walt Disney loved to visit Griffith Park’s merry-go-round, where he found that initial spark of inspiration to create Disneyland. Now, enjoy a replica of this iconic Spillman ride in a bucolic, park-like setting overlooking Friendship Lake. Find a tribute to Walt Disney, complete with a statue of Walt on a bench, murals depicting his brainstorming process, and a calliope playing classic Disneyland favorites.


Oswald’s Magic Mansion
Table service restaurant

Across the street from Tower of Terror is Magic Mansion, an eerie Chateaux dollhouse, “the most unusual private club in the world.” Founded by Oswald the Lucky Rabbit – and inspired by the real Magic Castle in Hollywood – this is a venue for magicians, escape artists and prestidigitators extraordinaire. Here guests may enjoy live close-up magic acts at their tables and on a small stage, accompanied with fine French food and cocktails. You’ll never know who’s performing! Strange enchantment permeates the club’s halls, from a possessed self-playing organ to hidden passageways to a statue of Oswald which can predict the future.


Bulldog Café

Quick service restaurant

The Bulldog Café is another long-lost Hollywood legend, a California Crazy roadside diner built to resemble a gigantic bulldog – complete with a puffing corncob pipe. You may recall it from The Rocketeer. Now discover it in real life, serving up delicious tamales, burgers, chili and ice cream just before the gates to Fantasmic Theater.


Merch to the Stars
Retail stand

A small merchandise stand at the mouth of Laurel Canyon, this outlet is meant to recall those cheesy “maps to the stars” vendors who infest the Hills. Here guests may still buy a silly souvenir map, one which expands the backstory and mystery of Sunset Boulevard…or they may simply buy a fun and appropriate Disney souvenir!


Fantasmic Theater
Live outdoor performance venue

Located at the far end of Laurel Canyon is Fantasmic Theater, a dedicated performance venue not just for Fantasmic!, but also for additional shows throughout the day. (By doubling up, Gangster Patrol is able to replace Theater of the Stars.) Fantasmic Theater is inspired Hollywood’s old Pilgrimage Theater, a war-era icon of poured concrete emulating the gates of Jerusalem. Modifications to the old vintage design include a massive moat, water fountains, and a magical rockwork stage, all to best bring Fantasmic! to glorious life!


Nighttime spectacular

Fantasmic is the final jewel in the crown of the Disney-MGM Studios expansion. Journey into Mickey Mouse's imagination as he dreams wonderful dreams, but beware, the Disney Villains have a plot to put into action. But Mickey becomes victorious with an amazing battle. Live actors, dazzling fountains, amazing fire effects, and pyrotechnics all combine to create a magical dream for all to enjoy.

While the show keeps it's original opening from Disneyland, the theme has been rescored and rearranged to seem even more cinematic, as all the music in the show will sound.

The first real change from the Disneyland original comes with the jungle segment, which is changed to feature music and characters from Tarzan. On the three barges, gorillas do a funny dance while Tarzan flips and performs on the central barge. The mist screens then pop up and the Genie appears, with a dazzling and effects filled rendition of Friend Like Me before disappearing and the lights coming up on stage revealing a little toy shop. The Blue Fairy brings Pinocchio to life, with a small performance of I've Got No Strings occurring after the fairy disappears. The mist screens then launch once more at the end of the number as a fish dances to When You Wish Upon a Star, which then moves to the giant whale Monstro chasing Jiminy Cricket. Mickey gets sucked down a vortex of water, asking "Hey! What's goin' on? Uh oh!" and with a large crash of thunder, a Greek village appears, being attacked by a massive Hydra. The great hero Hercules arrives on Pegasus and battles the beast. He is victorious and this leads to a celebration, with Hercules and Megara hugging as the lights go down.

This section is expanded from the Disneyland original, while it starts normally, with Belle and the Beast on a barge, it adds Cinderella and Aurora and their princes on the two peaks of the mountain between Belle and Ariel and Ariel and Snow White. After Mickey dreams of this royal ball, his dream quickly moves to a horrible nightmare as the Evil Queen arrives and summons the Magic Mirror, who states that there are five lovelier maidens in Mickey's imagination. In her anger, she transforms into an Old Hag and summons a group of villains. Ursula arrives as a large barge, Jafar transforms into a massive snake, Lady Tremaine abuses Mickey, Gaston attempts a kidnap of the five maidens, and finally, Maleficent transforms herself into a dragon.

This dragon is the most technically advanced puppet ever made at this point. Made using puppetronic technology, Maleficent is a near direct translation from the movie.

Mickey defeats Maleficent and the mountain sparkles, before revealing a grand recreation of Steamboat Willie, piloted by Mickey and filled with characters. As the boat makes its way around the mountain, a final end happens with Sorcerer Mickey appearing on the highest peak of the mountain, conducting fountains, fireworks, and lasers making a massive finale.



Fantasmic Fanfare
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Visions Fantastic

Fantasmic Main Theme (Visions Main Theme)/Two World/Trashin' the Camp
Friend Like Me
I've Got No Strings/When You Wish Upon a Star
Whale Chase
The Hydra Battle/Fantasmic Fanfare/Go the Distance
Beauty and Romance

Beauty and the Beast/So This Is Love/Part of Your World/Once Upon a Dream/Someday My Prince Will Come

Poor Unfortunate Souls/The Cave of Wonders/Gaston/Battle Against the Forces of Evil/Fantasmic Fanfare

Fantasmic Fanfare/Fantasmic Finale

Goofy About Hollywood
Live daytime musical show

Lights, Camera, Action! It's time for Goofy to make his big screen debut but with it being Goofy, trouble abounds. Goofy drives Director Donald Duck up the wall but with help of costars and Hollywood It Couple Mickey and Minnie, he overcomes his clumsiness and makes a fabulous debut.
Goofy About Hollywood has an interesting history in it’s run. Originally an elaborate show in Theatre of the Stars, in 1999 the show was moved and changed to become a streetshow in the Great Movie Ride courtyard with the closure of Theatre of the Stars. This edition, drastically changed from the original stage show, became a tribute to Hollywood starring Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy. This edition of the show was far more basic and reduced in length from a full half hour to only 15 minutes, with no costume changes or live singers and going from a troupe of 8 dancers to 4 dancers.
For it's street show incarnation, some changes had to be made. The stage float from the Pocahontas and Hercules parades was transformed once more into a stage for the show and two staircase units, each with a stage lift at the top, were built.

One Man's Dream! A Celebration of Magical Moments
As part of the 100 Years of Magic Celebration, Fantasmic Theatre will proudly present a half hour daytime spectacular. Mickey and Friends invite you to join in and experience the magic in an all new stage production celebration 100 Years of Magic.

Dancers storm the stage as the sounds of the main theme begins. With each line, a representative of each segment arrives on stage as it fills more and more.
One Man's Dream
Mickey disappears down a trap door, rising from the other side of the stage and conducting water fountains to the sounds of music, as a fantastic forest comes to life around him.
The Sorcerer's Apprentice
Beauty and the Beast
Lumiere appears center stage, welcoming us and inviting us to be his guest along with Belle. The Beast appears and scares the dancers before Belle sings that there's more to him, the two dance together and in a touching moment, the Beast transforms back into a human.
Be Our Guest/Something There/Beauty and the Beast
The Little Mermaid
Ariel appears on a rock in the moat, beginning a segment on longing as she sings of what the world above might be.
One Man's Dream (Longing)/Part of Your World
The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The segment on longing continues with Quasimodo longing to spend a day beyond the walls of Notre Dame
Out There
The segment on longing comes to a conclusion with Hercules longing to be a hero as he climbs up the mountain and faces his destiny head on
Go The Distance
A romantic mood takes over as Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora appear on stage and a royal ball ensues, with the princesses finding their princes in the crowd and waltzing away, lost in love.
One Man's Dream (Romance)/Someday My Prince Will Come/So This is Love/Once Upon a Dream
Peter Pan
A crow from the side of the mountain halts the silence after the princesses as Peter Pan and Wendy fly around the mountain together.
You Can Fly, You Can Fly, You Can Fly
Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins and Bert walkabout stage, enjoying a Jolly Holiday together.
Jolly Holiday/Supercalifragilisticexpialidcious
Winnie the Pooh
Pooh flies in on a red balloon, looking for a smackerel of hunny.
Rumbly in my Tumbly
In a spectacular end, Aladdin and Jasmine appear on a flying carpet, flying on a bed of fog.
A Whole New World
Part 1
Mickey and Friends return to the stage, dressed in Hollywood finest for a tribute to Walt Disney.
Hurray for Hollywood/You Wanna Be in Pictures
Part 2
Gold overtakes the dancers for a tribute to the shining star, Mickey Mouse.
Mickey Mouse, Our Shining Star
Part 3
The characters of the show all reappear in gold outfits with Mickey Mouse leading the pack.
When You Wish Upon a Star


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Entertainment Over the Years

Symphony in the Stars
As part of the kickoff to the massive Studios expansion project, Sorcery in the Sky makes way for a new show featuring classic movie themes, Symphony in the Stars.

After a 4 year run, the running-out-of-popularity Symphony in the Stars is replaced by Animagic. This ambitious 1999 show combines the use of live characters (using the Goofy About Hollywood equipment), dazzling fireworks, and for the first time ever projections on the Chinese Theatre to create a new multimedia experience, all to the sounds of Disney music.

The Spirit of Pocahontas Parade (1995)
Settlers and Indians take to the streets with the Spirit of Pocahontas Parade. In celebration of the 1995 animated hit, Disney-MGM Studios presents this celebration of American heritage with the story of Pocahontas.
Float 1: The Virginia Company
A ship parades down the street, populated with settlers including John Smith on the crow's nest.
Float 2: Indian Village
A dance circle is presided over by Chief Powhatan while Indians dance on the street and in the circle
Float 3: Grandmother Willow
A forest glen is attended by Grandmother Willow, who appears as an elaborate puppet, and Meeko.
Float 4: Jamestown
Jamestown is presided over by Governor Ratcliffe and Percy who prowl about the settlement searching for gold.
Float 5: Cliff
The final float is the tallest and most elaborate, featuring an actual waterfall that Pocahontas stands over.
Two times along the route, the floats stop and war against the settlers and the Indians erupts, all before being halted by Grandmother Willow, who tells people to listen with their hearts as the sounds of Colors of the Wind erupt and leaves fall from the floats over the guests.

Hercules "Hero's Welcome Parade" (1997)
Hercules returns in triumph for an astounding parade full of beasts, marvels, and a victorious hero.
Parade theme: Zero to Hero
Float 1: The Muses
The Muses stand on a small stage (a reskinned Indian village float) and sing the praises of Hercules.
Float 2: Olympus
A towering Mount Olympus featuring still representations of the gods, with a giant Zeus sitting on an ornate throne
Float 3: Hercules on Pegasus
Hercules sits on Pegasus with a temple behind them, which holds the flying mechanism for Pegasus.
Float 4: Megara
Megara sits in a garden, surrounded by statues of Hercules to her annoyance.
Float 5: Phil
Phil's gym is hopping with the return of Hercules, with dozens of hopefuls exercising and attempting to become the next big hero in Greece.
Twice along the parade route, the parade stops and Hercules's hero's welcome commences. A medley of songs from the film plays, with a finale featuring Hercules soaring high above the parade route on Pegasus.
The Gospel Truth/One Last Hope/I Won't Say I'm In Love/Go the Distance.

Toy Story "Toys Are Back Parade" (1999)
The world of Toy Story comes to life on the streets as they return in grand style. Buzz, Woody, Jessie, and the whole gang are back in town for a street party unlike anything ever seen at Disney-MGM Studios.
Main Theme: The Toys Are Back In Town
Float 1: Green Army Men
The Green Army Men group up and escort the parade in perfect form, with the commander high above them on a set of board games.
Float 2: Jessie's Roundup
Jessie, Bullseye, and Stinky Pete enact scenes from Woody's Roundup. But with Woody missing, Jessie is the heroine of the story this time.
Float 3: Board Games
Board games are piled high, with Mister Potato Head and Hamm on them.
Float 4: Buzz Lightyear
Buzz Lightyear of Star Command stands on his box, surrounded by Little Green Men.
Float 5: Woody
Woody stands high on a stack of board games with Rex, Slinky, and Wheezy below him.
Twice along the parade route, the parade stops for a small street party. The street party begins with a call from the Green Army Man commander, who orders everyone to fall in and prepare. A medley of songs from the films begin, all culminating in You've Got a Friend in Me as confetti bursts from the floats.
Woody's Roundup/Strange Things/Infinity and Beyond/You've Got a Friend in Me

Treasured Moments on Parade (2001)
In celebration of 100 Years of Magic, Disney-MGM Studios presents a dazzling cavalcade unfolding before guests eyes with Treasured Moments on Parade, featuring the greatest moments in Disney history brought to life on the street.

Float 1: Title
A large treasure chest with the name of the parade on it comes down the street.
Treasure the Moments
Float 2: Treasure the Beginnings
On the highest point of the point, there is a wishing well that Snow White sings into, while below her the Seven Dwarfs mine a mountain.
Treasure the Moments/One Song/Someday My Prince Will Come/Heigh-Ho
Float 3: Treasure the Stars
Geppetto's Workshop comes alive as he and Pinocchio dance and play together
Treasure the Moments/Little Wooden Head/Hi-Diddle-Dee-Dee/I've Got No Strings
Float 4: Treasure the Romance
Cinderella and Prince Charming dance in a ballroom as the Tremaine Family stalks below for the perfect man
Treasure the Moments/Sing Sweet Nightingale/So This is Love/A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes
Float 5: Treasure the Wonder
Alice and the Mad Hatter have a Mad Tea Party as chaos happens all around them
Treasure the Moments/A Very Merry Unbirthday To You/A World of My Own/March of the Cards
Float 6: Treasure the Enchantment
Aurora and Philip stand together on a castle balcony as the three fairies make magic below them
Treasure the Moments/Hail to the Princess Aurora/Once Upon a Dream
Float 7: Treasure the Adventure
A large temple holds King Louie and Baloo, who have a scat-off
Treasure the Moments/The Bare Necessities/I Wanna Be Like You
Float 8: Treasure the Music
Ariel sits high above the parade route on a clamshell while Sebastian and an underwater band play music below.
Treasure the Moments/Part of Your World/Under the Sea/Kiss the Girl
Float 9: Treasure the Beauty
Belle and the Beast dance together in a ballroom surrounded by stained glass recreations of the moments leading up to their dance
Treasure the Moments/Something There/Belle (Reprise)/Beauty and the Beast
Float 10: Treasure the Wishes
Aladdin and Jasmine fly over Agrabah with the help of a giant Genie and a magic carpet.
Treasure the Moments/Arabian Night/Prince Ali/A Whole New World
Float 11: Treasure the Nature
Pocahontas and John Smith stand high over a waterfall under a tree of colored leaves.
Treasure the Moments/Colors of the Wind/Just Around the Riverbend
Float 12: Treasure the Fun
A carnival led by Clopin and Esmerelda makes it's way down the street, where Quasimodo will be crowned the King of Fools
Treasure the Moments/The Bells of Notre Dame/Topsy Turvey
Float 13: Treasure the Heroes
Hercules and Meg fly on Pegasus with a Greek temple behind them.
Treasure the Moments/Go the Distance/Zero to Hero/A Star is Born
Float 14: Treasure the Moments
A bridge made of clouds and rainbows, filled with and surrounded by characters not seen in the parade, leads up to a castle float seeming to be made of clouds featuring Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.


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  1. Star Wars Land placemaking/general area description - $100 M
  2. Cantina QSR - replacing Backlot express - $10 M
  3. Pod Racing Coaster - $200 M
  4. Storm Trooper Shooter Ride - $80 M
  5. Jawa Store - $10 M
Total for Star Wars: $400 M

  1. Muppet placemaking/general area description - $25 M
  2. Mama Melrose replacement - $5 M
  3. Pizza Planet Space replacement - $15 M
  4. Great Muppet Movie Ride - $125 M
  5. Electric Mayhem Bus/Streetmosphere - $30 M
  6. Miss Piggy Apartment - $7.5 M
  7. kermit apartment - $7.5 M
  8. Fozzie apartment/gag store - $10 M
Total for Muppets: $225 M

  1. Sunset Blvd Updates/general area description - $20 M
  2. Griffith Park - $50 M
  3. Rocketeer Simulator - $100 M
  4. Gangster themed EMV - $175 M
  5. Fantasmic - $75 M
  6. Daytime show in Fantasmic theater - $25 M
  7. Magic Mansion ft. Oswald - $20 M
  8. Other food stands/shops - $20 M
  9. Streetmosphere silent slapstick show - $5 M
Total for Sunset: $490 M

  1. Animation/Maroon Studios Placemaking - $75 M
  2. Art of Animation Updates - $20 M
  3. Roger Rabbit Cartoon Spin - $30 M
  4. Mickey dark ride - $45 M
  5. Ink and paint club Replacement for Soundstage Restaurant. - $10 M
  6. Trolley - $10 M
  7. Prop Warehouse Trackless Dark Ride - $125 M
  8. Misc - $5 M
  9. Mermaid theater expansion into One Man's Dream space with new shows - $10 M
Total for Animation/maroon: $330


Misc Unaccounted For - $50 M
Fireworks/parades - $50 M
Star Wars - $400 M
Muppets - $225 M
Sunset - $490 M
Animation - $330 M

Total: $1.6 Billion


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Stanza XIII Guest Review:

Well, there's certainly a ton of fantastic thinking here. Let me just praise some of the highlights for me:

1) Muppets: Very much dig the concept for the Great Muppet Movie Ride. Would be very fun to see muppet versions of films like Frankenstein and The Lion King. My favorite thing in the area is the Lockers streetmosphere. Great idea of a little thing that could turn out to be a big hit.

2) Star Wars/Tattooine: The pod racers coaster is a logical concept, but I'd love to see more about the ride like a track layout, or some of the thrills that await riders along the course of the ride. Imperial shooting gallery ride sounds like fun.

3) Warehouse of Wonders... sounds like the next iteration of the Great Movie Ride, but with all the upgraded tech - would you still keep the "old" GMR? Would you need to have two similarly-themed rides in one park? Perhaps if the "magic" elements are more distinct than I'm imagining them to be. But I'd see a ton of long lines for this ride, while the GMR could be forgotten.

4) Maroon Studios: I'm not sure which one is the "headliner" - the Car Toon Spin ride or the Mickey Dark Ride. While it would be great if both were E's, it makes sense for one to be the principal draw to the land. Would enjoy The Terminal Bar.

5) Sunset expansion: Wow! Lots of neat additions here. Gangster Patrol seems like a very good use of the Indy ride tech, and a very fun ride to boot. The whole overall enhancements of the land are just fantastic, from the addition of the Red Car to the new landscaping and even the little additions like Bulldog's and the merry go round. Oswald's would add a destination dining experience for the park, something it really needs.

Lots of really great work here, you guys!

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