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Only 5 Hours in Disneyland - First time - What would you do?


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We've sneaked over to MK on travel days when we've been in Florida; we're AP holders at Disneyland, so five hours feels generous.

Since you may be less familiar with the park, though, I would say that making a plan with time in mind is one of the most important things.
  • tempting as it may be, don't park hop: Disneyland and California Adventure are close, but that's still a lot of walking -- consider time to cross the esplanade, time to get through the gates at the parks, time to walk to whatever ride you're headed for;
  • cluster your rides, whenever possible -- if you're doing Pirates, do Indy; if Toy Story, the Incredicoaster;
  • go on Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout! -- right now, it's my favorite ride in either park, and still unique to any Disney park in the world;
  • use Max Pass! you can't use it on every ride (such as Pirates) but, if you use it for other things, that gives you more time for lines, if needed;
  • if you can, choose not to sit down to eat! there are plenty of kiosk-type options: if riding Pirates/Mansion, grab a bread bowl clam chowder at Royal Street Veranda (look right immediately before you enter the inside Pirates queue); if Main Street, grab a corndog (MK corndogs don't even come close), and there are also corndogs in DCA, near the Ariel ride;
  • consider a grand circle tour on the Disneyland Railroad: it's 20 minutes, start to finish, and a great chance to rest your feet
So many other things you can do, but that's what I've got for now. Five hours can be plenty of time if you do some planning ahead of time. (^_^)
Wow, great info. Thanks! I am thinking about park hopping because my ticket will actually be a park hopper but still trying to plan my rides. Knowing that I won't have time to hit everything I want, I'm having a hard time deciding between focusing on rides they don't have at Disney World or focusing on rides they do in order to see the differences, which I've always been curious to experience. The good thing is that I walk REALLY fast when I'm solo, so I should be able to see a lot. My main focus will be walking as much of both of the parks as possible to get a feel for layout and everything. I just want to see what they're like with going on specific rides being a secondary goal.

I just did DL and DCA in one long day, but you might find some helpful hints here. (I covered 26 attractions, mostly E Tickets.)
Awesome, thanks!

There should be standard shuttle vans waiting at the Airport (aka Super Shuttle). A cab might be faster since there will not be additional stops. The freeway interchange at SNA is always a little crazy and congested, but the local drivers should know how to get through it.

Have a great trip.
Thanks! Good info. I'll do some more research on that so I'm prepared. I'll already be in the Disneyland area for my visit so it's the ride from DL to the airport that I need to know about.


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As someone who grew up in WDW and have been to Disneyland 3 times now I’d say Indiana Jones, Alice in Wonderland and Pirates are the ones to go for. Matterhorn and space are also great to do, but first those other 3.

If I were you, I’d end my five hours with about 30 mins in Carsland. No rides, just walking through and taking it in. It’s that good. And thats coming from someone who hates the cars movies. Is it already dark at 5 in January? Cause that neon is worth admission price alone!

Oh, one more tip. First time I was there I spent 30 mins searching for Pirates cause I was looking for some kind of fortress like in MK. It’s a gorgeous house here, so don’t be like me and wast your time walking by it 6 times :banghead:
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