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One Little Spark 3: The Spark Squad - Main Competition Thread

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So. We all decided to build bobsled coasters in Blizzard Beach! I’m going to take this as a sign that this should be a real thing.

Because these projects ended up being surprisingly similar, I’m going to review them in one go.

Interestingly, both Squads considered all three available parks before settling on Blizzard Beach. The Max Rebo Band even considered the strategic implications of BB being perhaps the “less obvious, and therefore best choice” but believing that Team John Deere would likely feel the same way. They were correct.

I love that Max Rebo decided to go with a basically original idea free of almost any IP, with the exception of Ice Gator. This is a fantastic way to make the park’s official mascot a more significant part of the park as a whole, and I really appreciate that! The experience itself sounds very charming and fun, which is exactly the tone I was hoping for.

Meanwhile, John Deere chose to go the IP route, but made it a first for Disney Parks by incorporating Ice Age. This was a smart choice, as the franchise is instantly recognizable, and would be sure to draw in large crowds.

Both teams provided a good bit of backstory, complete with facts and figures. John Deere went above and beyond in this regard, providing a plethora of information and wonderful visuals to go along with their write up.

Blizzard Blast feels like something totally out of 90s WDW, while Ice Age The Splashdown feels like modern Imagineering. Both are excellent methodologies. Both teams truly created wonderful experiences that I would truly love to see built at BB. I’m very torn because both projects have strengths and I genuinely appreciate both efforts significantly.

Ice Age benefits from a unique and innovative turntable element for animatronics, which is truly brilliant! Blizzard Blast embraces classic water splash gags which fit in perfectly at this park. I seriously enjoyed both of these so much and I’ve reread them twice now. As usual you’ve made this extremely difficult.


Tegan pilots a chicken

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The Max Rebo Band

It was so close. You didn’t get second place for your concept itself, I actually liked the core of your idea a bit more. Unfortunately, you both ended up creating very similar attractions, which ultimately meant it came down to the little details.

So obviously,…

Team John Deere

Like I said, it was close. You won because you really put a lot of effort into the details of your presentation. There was a plethora of supplemental details, information, visuals, and even original characters. Both ideas were fantastic, but you executed yours so well that it was just impossible to not give you guys the gold medal for this round.

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Welcome to the fourth act of the One Little Spark Competition 3!

This act will have 3 Scenes!

For this phase of the story, we gotta go fast! So, in the game... we gotta go fast! So, grab a dangerous amount of caffeine and get ready to get going!

The Scenes in this act will try to encourage quick thinking, team work, and communication! Each scene will be short (Often only about 2 days). So, detail and presentation will matter much less than usual. So, don't stress about keeping up with the standards of past rounds. Keep it simple and have fun with it!

Scene Seven Begins Now!

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--The Set Up--

Star Tours is a really fun ride and the classic simulator concept is strong, but with Batuu/Galaxy's Edge in the parks Star Tours feel redundant and outdated. Luckily, the ride system is very adaptable and easily updated!


Versions of Star Tours can be found in parks around the world, but Disneyland and Disney World's versions stand out the most since they are both in the same park as Smuggler's Run. A much more high tech and immersive version of the same basic concept.

--The Challenge--

Imagineers, your challenge is this:

Design a replacement for Star Tours at either Disneyland OR Hollywood Studios that reuses the same ride system! You only need to choose one park, but you can do both if you prefer. The one in Disneyland is in Tomorrowland. The one in Studios is near Grand Avenue/Muppet Vision, but is in between areas giving it more freedom for theming. You can update/tweak the ride system, but for the most part it should be the same style of simulator!

This prompt takes place in present day 2022, keep that time period in mind with any technology or IP choices! Technically in the storyline of the game we are still in 1997, but that felt a bit too limiting for this specific project. So, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey whatever. Now you are working in present day!


--A Note on Judging--

Remember in this quick rounds to not get too caught up in the details. We are more worried about the forest and not the trees!


Alright, Teams. Have fun! Go Create! Dream Big!

This is due on Thursday, March 3rd at 11:59 PM WDW Time

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So now that y'all are the Max Rebo Band I fully expect original music every round ;)-- great work on that btw I assume @JokersWild

It really felt like Blizzard Beach!
I neglected to mention that in my review, I think because it was on the forum post and not the project itself. But YES!!! That was spectacular and felt incredibly authentic!! Thank you for creating that for us!


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In the Parks


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Team John Deere

Things I loved: A succinct description of the project and its rationale. Nice map. An interesting assortment of movie sets in the queue. Great use of images on the ride-through descriptions. Overall, a fun idea.

Suggestions: Since this seeks to recreate an aspect of The Great Movie Ride, the queue might have included a couple of the classic scenes from that ride. Gift shop could have been more fully explained, with photos.

The Max Rebo Band

Things I loved: A good description of reasons for the project. Good map of the show building. Creative description of the building’s exterior. Good descriptions of the queue and pre-show. A great assortment of scenes and explanation for how guests will see 3 of them randomly.

Suggestions: This is a project to re-purpose a flight simulator. As such, the description of the ride should have included more ideas of how the vehicle moved in response to the story on the screen.

COMMENT FOR JUDGES: This is the kind of project where I’d like to see the teams given a chance to re-do these based on feedback from this round. It would give an opportunity to see how imagineers respond to various comments made by reviewers and improve upon the initial effort.

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Interesting that both teams chose the east coast for this one, but gave us totally different ideas!

Team John Deere created the Great Movie Flight! This is an outstanding way to introduce a plethora of newly acquired IP to Disney audiences. Mixing in some well established and popular Disney IP helps to normalize the existence of things like Ice Age in a Disney Park. And it just makes perfect sense to do it in this park and with an attraction like this. Paying homage to one of the all time beloved lost attractions hits the nostalgia nerve! And while simulator experiences aren’t the same as fully immersive show scenes, they can still be very effective, especially with modern technology. Additionally, the ride can continuously be updated, and could possibly see character interactions never before imagined! I appreciate the films you chose and the “ride through examples” really help the reader get a firm grasp on what this experience would be like. I know there was some discussion over how this attraction would work mechanically in-universe. I think you absolutely nailed it with the film reel gimmick. It’s simple and effective and I totally buy it! GMF would absolutely be a welcome addition to DHS and would undoubtedly become a favorite of longtime guests.

The Max Rebo Band created The Disney Afternoon Crash Course! Right away I love that this attraction adds yet another family-friendly experience to DHS. Not that Star Tours isn’t one, but this does help to balance the park’s attraction offerings a little more. I really love the attraction facade! Having a sleek, modern facade in DHS will help diversify the landscape of the park even further. Honestly I loved the yellow and red “live set” theme when the park still embraced its original identity, but now that DHS is becoming more of IP-Land, it sort of feels out of place at times. Anyway, back to your attraction! The Disney Afternoon characters don’t have much of a theme park presence currently, but they do retain a fair bit of popularity, so this is an excellent way to capitalize on that. The attraction feels very early-Eisner to me, and that is a wonderful thing! It’s silly and whimsical, and just plain fun! And using Launchpad as the host/pilot just makes perfect sense. He ties the whole thing together and makes the ride mechanism just make sense!

Both teams did an excellent job with their backstories. I always love a good backstory. They help frame the project and set the tone for the overall experience. So thank you for that!

And you both included forum favorite Roger Rabbit in your attractions meaning you both win this round!

I know this was a deliberately short scene and that meant you weren’t all able to flex your full creative muscles on this one. But the idea was more about thinking fast, communicating quickly, and just coming up with a fantastic concept. We would have happily accepted a “1SC” style submission, but once again, both teams went above and beyond.

Every round of this game has been exciting and just devastatingly close! I have really appreciated every single project that’s been submitted thus far. This one was no exception.

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Team John Deere

A GMR sequel is something we all want. So in some ways this was almost an obvious choice. It’s well thought out and well executed. I think the only major issue would be the natural comparison to the original, and even though this would be a really fun attraction that would make my must-do list every time, I would be concerned about GMF not being able match the scope of GMR. Though the ability to add and change scenes at any time could prove to be the huge difference maker in that regard. But overall great job!

The Max Rebo Band

Honestly I don’t have much profound to say here. Sometimes an idea just really works for me and this is one of those cases. You put the spotlight on an often overlooked set of characters and gave them a chance to shine in a way they hadn’t before. And it all just works really well. This feels like it would have fit in perfectly in 1990s WDW and I absolutely love that. This would also make my must-do list every trip. Awesome job!

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--The Set Up--

Between the insane lines for Figment popcorn buckets and the borderline oversaturation of Orange Bird, it has become clear that original characters who serve as park icons are becoming more and more beloved.


Orange Bird was created back in 1971 as a part of the sponsorship deal between Disney and the Florida Citrus Commission. He was an original character that could serve as a mascot for the FCC and stand alongside Mickey as a secondary mascot for WDW. He faded from the public eye, but in recent years Orange Bird has been brought back and is used as an icon for Magic Kingdom and Disney Springs AND the historical side of the 50th Celebration AAANNDDD for the Flower and Garden Festival! Here's a video that will only take Pi Minutes to watch going into more detail.


Figment... Well, Figment needs no introductions. But just in case here's an excellent history video by Defunctland.

While they might be used outside of just their home parks, Orange Bird is generally an icon for Magic Kingdom and Figment is generally the icon for Epcot. But what original character could serve as the icon for either Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom?

--The Challenge--

Imagineers, your challenge is this:

Design a character dining experience centered around an original character who can serve as an unofficial icon for either Hollywood Studios or Animal Kingdom! A classic character dining experience featuring your park's new "icon" character! You can either create a new mascot character to introduce to the park OR you can take someone/something forgotten or underutilized and thrust them into the spotlight (like how Orange Bird was a relatively forgotten piece of Disney trivia before Imagineers brought him back and made him a big deal again)! A new icon that can stand alongside Orange Bird & Figment and represent with Studios or DAK! Your "icon" character cannot be originally from a movie or TV show or anything like that. They must be either originally from one of the parks or created by you.

This prompt takes place in present day 2022, keep that time period in mind with any technology or IP choices! Technically in the storyline of the game we are still in 1997, but that felt a bit too limiting for this specific project. So, Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey whatever. Now you are working in present day!


--A Note on Judging--

The judging will be mostly centered around the restaurant and how well it helps launch your new unofficial park mascot. You don't need to do a simple, classic character dining table service restaurant, but just keep in mind that time is limited and the more outside the box you go the more complicated you make things for yourself. Sometimes simple is better.


Alright, Teams. Have fun! Go Create! Dream Big!

This is due on Tuesday, March 8th at 11:59 PM WDW Time

Pi on my Cake

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Original Poster
So, we are almost in the endgame here! And while some of our original plans for the finale have changed due to player feedback and the way this game has evolved, our new plan is really exciting and I think ya'll are gonna love it!

I know I haven't been around often, but I've been lurking from the shadows, checking in when I can, and helping with th behind the scenes stuff like writing prompts this whole time and I am so proud and THANKFUL for all of you! The guest judges, the lurkers, our host Tegan! And most of all, thank you to all the players that have contributed throughout the game and made this possible!

The exact details for the endgame will be revealed after the current scene ends, but just to give you a vague head's up! There are only going to be two more Scenes in the regular season! After that, the finalists will be chosen (some based on these last two Scene and some based on the season so far) for one last epic showdown to determine the winner!

Scene 8 ends on Wednesday the 9th!
Scenes 9 & 10 will follow as the last team based projects!
Scene 11 will be our Grand Finale!

More details will be revealed before long!


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Cryptid Cafe.png

Many years ago, Cryptids roamed the Earth searching for a place to fit in. While so many got lucky, a jackalope by the name of Jackie L. got stuck with not knowing what to do. One day, Jackie stumbled into the Hollywood scene where he gathered new knowledge of the film industry. It blew him away, and he saw that this is where he wanted to be. Yet, he was not an actor or director but had stellar cooking skills. This led him to become a caterer for many studios and productions across America. One day, when traveling to Florida, Jackie stepped into Walt Disney World after catering for a Disney Parks commercial shoot. On set, Mickey approached Jackie for a business proposal after trying some of his delicious food. Mickey proposed a new restaurant inside of Hollywood Studios. While he was hesitant to accept at first, Jackie accepted since Hollywood Studios celebrates the life of filmmaking (or at least it used to...). Jackie's restaurant immediately soared to new heights, bringing in many famous faces from the Hollywood scene. What is the name of this restaurant by the new face of Disney's Hollywood Studios? Well, it's none other than the Cryptid Cafe.​


(Jackie L.)

ABC Commissary is replaced by Cryptid Cafe. The area around it is made a bit more spooky, mainly by darkening up some of the area making it seem more like an evening/dusk kind of vibe. Little flyers dot the area, for Cryptid Cafe and Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant, inviting people to come take a look. If you look down, you can see creature prints in the pavement leading up to the Cafe.

The exterior of Cryptid Cafe keeps the ABC Commissary look intact, as it has a lot of that art deco feel. Yet, instead of improving on it, we make it look worse. The building is painted a sea green with some faded spots here and there. Some faded posters feature previous acts that have appeared in the Cryptid Cafe, as well as posters with easter eggs to huge inspirations to this restaurant. The main striking point is the bright, neon sign that is meant to be the focal point of the exterior. Jackie L. is lit up in lights as the yellow letters light up the sky. The dark, gloomy nature of the building combined with the posters and neon creates a sense of mystery and curiosity about what might be in the building. For guests that enter the restaurant without knowing what is inside, it is a huge surprise.

With the current ABC Commissary boxed in on either side by the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater, and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, major structural changes to the space for the Cryptid Café are not entirely possible. The layout of the restaurant does allow some minor updates to the physical space as it transitions from a quick service offering into a sit-down affair.
Cafe Layout.jpg

Still utilizing the current entrance, guests will continue to walk down the main corridor that does an excellent job of providing a grand entrance to the restaurant. Current barriers along this space will be updated to provide a more intimate dining experience for those in the dining rooms and leave guests first glimpse of the dining rooms for when they sit down. Dotting the walls of the entry are various photos of Jackie L, the restaurant’s patron, and many of his friends and odd acquaintances.


Here, guests with reservations or those checking on walkup capacity will be greeted by the host team and directed down the rest of the corridor to the newly constructed lounge until their table is ready. This new, comfortable seating spot takes up a portion of the now vacated ABC Commissary order and waiting area. The thematic choices from entry continue here as guests can take a few minutes to peruse the odd photos and memorabilia that dot the walls.

The layout of the old Commissary and now updated entrance and lounge produce two separate dining areas, each with their own unique style. Still utilizing the art deco style, the updated furnishings and fixtures of each room provide a more distinct look for the new Cryptid Café to accentuate the uniqueness of the restaurant itself, as well as provide more of a club/café type atmosphere. The design overall strikes a balance of mysterious and dark in keeping with the mood change to the park along the former Commissary Lane, but still light and inviting to make the overall dining experience a thoroughly enjoyable one.


Part of the redesign of the space also allows for the inclusion of several pop-up spots for Jackie L. to make appearances throughout the restaurant. Each dining room offers 3-4 of these spots in various alcoves and heights ensuring no matter your seat, you will have a great seat for any of his random drop ins.

Of course, one mustn't forgot our host, Jackie L. Much like Sonny Eclipse, Jackie makes an appearance in the restaurant via the magic of audio-animatronics. That's about where the similarities end, though. Jackie isn't really a singer and he doesn't have a dedicated stage, per say. Instead, he pops up in various places in the Café at different times to entertain nearby guests with stories of his more notable patrons as well as general banter. Unlike most animatronics, Jackie is controlled and voiced live by a hidden performer, to allow for more organic conversations and ensure no two meals are the same.

Some sample bits of dialog:

"Hey, what's with the "half-me in the headlights"-look? Never seen a jackalope before?"

"Any of you guys seen ol' Nessie recently? I've heard she's started an ice cream place nearby, but I haven't had the time to check it out."

"Come on, don't be afraid to order a lot; my family gets a whole feast when we eat out. Then again, I have at least 15 siblings, so..."

"Ah, the Chimichanga, excellent choice. That is actually El Chupacabra's favorite; the goat's blood really brings out the flavor. ...Just kidding! The goat's blood is a special request from him."

"Oh, hey! Bigfoot's here! How's it been, B.F.? Harold's new job treating him well? ...Wait a second... False alarm, everyone! It's just a guy with a beard."

"Actually, speaking of Bigfoot, did you know the guy was the stunt double for Lon Chaney in The Wolfman and was the lead in the original King Kong? The range on that dude..."

"Now, I'm not exactly the singing type usually, but I just had to make a little song for one of my regulars. Ahem." (To the tune of YMCA) "Mothman/ There's no need to feel down/ I said, Mothman/ Lift that man off the ground"


Mothman Wings
: Five chargrilled or fried wings served with a spicy black bean sauce

Sasquatch Salad: Al dente zucchini noodles or linguini tossed with pesto

Jersey Deviled Eggs: Deviled eggs pickled with beets with bacon and chives

Nessie's Special: Fried mixed seafood with cocktail sauce and lemon wedges


(Mothman Wings)

Bicorn Burger
: Fresh American bison with cheddar and barbecue sauce cooked to preferred temperature

Chupacabra Chimichanga: Deep fried burrito filled with goat meat, rice, refried beans, and a spicy "blood" red salsa

Fried Thunderbird: Chicken thighs and legs with a juniper berry jam and frybread on the side

Fur-Bearing Trout: Trout with a "fur" of fluffy rice atop it, served with tartar sauce


(Fur-Bearing Trout)

Jackalope Chow
: Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate covered almonds, pretzels, and raisins

Huckleberry Pie: The state pie of Wyoming served with freshly made vanilla whipped cream


(Huckleberry Pie)

Cryptid Cafe is mean to bring you into a new, lavish atmosphere even with some of its gloomy looks, showing that you should never judge a book by its cover.



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