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On going Problems for Bad Movies: Part 1


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No, this isn't a critic's story where I plan to bash the Disney movies that came out this year. In fact I loved the ones they popped out especially Pearl Harbor. This story will explain that as good as they were, there will be no thrill ride or trace of them in the future because of their failure at the box office.

Atlantis: The Lost Empire was the most ambitious Disney animated film since probly the Black Cauldron. The movie offered humor, action sequences, and beautiful settings excluding the usual Broadway-style song and dance of most Disney animated films. The movie was planned to be geared toward the teen and young adult audience more then the young kids. Why? Disney finally listened to the critics who clammered for them to do a project like this. They thought only Disney could succeed at this since Titan A.E. and The Iron Giant had under performed at the box office. Unfortunately many things plagued the movie, most of all the opening date of the movie. It wasn't bad enough that much of the major action sequences in the movie had been cut but the movie had to open up against the highly anticipated Lara Croft: Tomb Raider. What Disney moron thought this was a great time to release the film? I have no clue. The movie had a disappointing opening weekend of $20 million compared to the $49 million of Tomb Raider. The movie ended grossing $80 million making it the first Disney animated film released during the summer not to gross more then $100 million. But the failure of the movie would hurt more then the Feature Animation department.

Team Atlantis was a cartoon series based on the Atlantis characters who went out into different parts of the world and solved mysteries. This was to be more like the X-Files thing rather then Scooby-Doo. The series was to debut on the Toon Disney Channel but was cancelled three weeks ago. Why? Since the movie under performed at the box office, Disney thought there wasn't enough of an audience for it to survive. But there is hope. Four days ago Disney told the Team Atlantis crew that the first three episodes would be tied together to make a direct-to-video sequel called Atlantis: The NEW Adventures. At least it is something.

Atlantis merchandise is all over the place but why isn't it going away? That's the question the Walt Disney Company is trying to answer. They are so desperate that the merchandise is selling at 25 to 50% off.

Been to Disneyland lately? Notice the Atlantis character greeting location in Tomorrowland? Nice for the kids. But ever notice the lagoon behind the character meet and greet? That is the locationof where the Submarine Voyage used to be but now lies empty. Imagineers had planned a Atlantis Treasure Quest ride that was to use brand new submarines and was to totally refurbish the old lagoon area. But since the movie under performed, you can bet Eisner has cancelled it.

Atlantis, as bad as it performed, deserves be be honored something. DINOSAUR which barely made $137 million (cost $200 million) was honored with the renaming of Countdown to Extinction. Hercules (Disney third lowest grossing film of all time) was honored with a short-lived parade at the Disney-MGM Studios. What does Atlantis get? Nothing but salt-water. Expect the movie to hist Disney DVD in February 2002 along with a Special Edition one that may include the deleted scenes.

Next Time: We take a look at the movie Pearl Harbor. It had a good run but ultimately it did not perform the way Disney wanted it to. Was the Backlot Tour update at the Disney-MGM Studios a little too late?

Till Wednesday, See Ya! :cool:

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