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Official Halloween Horror Nights 2018 thread


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For those who didn't see it, today they announced a new one-day special event "Stranger Things Day".

This Tuesday, Nov 6th, they're opening the Stranger Things house to all day guests from 11am to 7pm. Full house experience with actors, not the lights-on walk-throughs that I vaguely recall reading about about a few weeks ago. Plus, Passholders get express to bypass the queue.


For once, a special event happening during my trip! (We fly down this Sunday)

I got my AP email yesterday, I'm going to try and stop by after work. I'm interested how express the passholder line will be.


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I do agree with the sentiments that this year is somewhat tamer than normal. I can't really think of a single moment in any house that was as gory or disturbing as stuff they used to do. Serious PG-13 vibes this year whereas it used to be an obvious "R". I guess I'm okay with it. I doubt it will ever be a truly family friendly event like the rumor mill is suggesting.
As a first timer this year and thought I would never, ever want to go to HHN again, I think this is the reason why I enjoyed my time. The houses were scary for me, but the gore and overly disturbing images (saw, exorcism etc) is something I don't think I would handle well.
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