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O’hana vs chef mickeys for breakfast


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Chef Mickey’s for sure. We’ve had poor service/ character experiences at Ohana the last two visits last May and 2016. Characters were very slow to come and quick to leave. We had actually finished eating and had been given our check before we saw LILO, Stitch, or Pluto. The server hinted that we should go to free up the table but no way. We had to hunt down our own drinks and the food is always the same average choices. We’ve been to Chef Mickey’s 5-6 Times and never had a problem. Way more food choices, better light for pictures and more organized castmembers. If you have to meet Lilo and Stitch it will do but for food and pictures Chef Mickey’s would be my choice of the two every time.


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This was our view from our table in Ohana. It was a beautiful morning that day!



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I love Chef Mickey and conversely didn't enjoy Ohana as much. The food was good, don't get me wrong, but I think for me, the entire experience was better. Perhaps because I don't have any attachment to lilo and stitch, but I think the food selection at chef mickey's is better


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Done both 3 times each we love them both for different reasons.

My kids miss the buffet selection that Chef Mickey's offers, we do enjoy the table service from Ohana the food selection for breakfast is much less than the buffet.

If it's your 1st time I say go with Chef Mickey's.
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