Now that the Disney Company owns 20th Century Fox---there is a great new avenue in which to sell movies and rent movies.

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Now that the Disney Company owns 20th Century Fox---there is a great new avenue in which to sell and rent movies. The Disney Company now has a vast library of movies from Touchstone movies to 20th Century Fox movies etc. There are vast untapped markets out there where the Disney Company could make millions of more dollars. Movies are rated by the Motion Picture Association of America as G, or PG, or PG-13, or R. It is these "R" rated pictures that i am talking about. "R" means restricted because the movie is for mature audiences. Many people would love to see "R" rated films if they did not have those particular "four" letter words in them or those mature scenes in them that got that movie its "R" rating. Many people have families and can't and won't take the young ones to see films not suited for children. Also, for the DVD rental and streaming/downloading of these films---some people are uncomfortable with the "R" rating. For many of these films, it is only about two or three minutes of the film that qualifies it for an "R" rating. Many films already have many cuts of the film like the directors cut and the extended cut etc. I think the movie "Legend" with Tom Cruise has an American cut, a European cut, and a directors cut of that one film that was released around the year 1985. Why can't Disney take all of the eighty or so years of 20th Century Fox films and Touchstone films--and take out parts of these movies that make them "R" rated and have a PG-13 cut of each of these films to satisfy this market. You could also do this with new releases in theaters. Each "R" film should have a PG-13 version to also be shown in theaters and sold on DVD and sold or rented for streaming/downloading. You could potentially double your market for old and new films around the world. This should be standard for all of the movie industry--for every "R" released film--there should be the same film released as PG-13. This could earn the Disney Corporation millions even billions of more dollars in revenue. This would also show the world what we already know--Disney is family friendly.


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Yeah no. Not all movies are meant to be seen by children.

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