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Ninja Mom

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I did not make rope drop this morning due to a late night roaming around the TV. Security was banging on my door demanding to do a room inspection and complaining that we were out of creamer.

My dog can stay at this resort but it was too cold to schlep all the way over to the sanctioned relief area, so he peed in the bushes outside my Villa. Other guests gave me looks of disgust but the dog was grateful. People can be so judgemental. Dogs... Not so much.

I decided to grab a bite at the Festival of the Food Courts on I 95. Everything was over priced and under spiced. My bus driver was especially surly and I could hear her cursing under her breath. I'll be jumping in a long line at internet survey to rat her out. Maybe I'll get a free coupon for a product I will never ride again.

Back at the Villa I dropped the remote. Do not, under any circumstances, use your phone flashlight to look under the furniture for the batteries. Housekeeping has not ever cleaned under the furniture and there were multiple dead bodies of insects that I have known and not loved over the years lying there.

We decided not to turn the heat up in the Villa due to surge pricing. The company decided that jacking up the prices was the best way to control the frozen guests (named Nana and WhatElsa) but they still insist on wearing shorts inside and complaining that they are cold.

The final insult was that I discovered that the dishwasher removed the handle on my refillable coffee mug. I may not be able to ever function in society again.

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Edward Jackson

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I just got back. I think I broke Florida. For the week when I was there the temperatures were between 78 & 85 degrees, with a
bit of humidity. It has been in the 30s over the last few days. :joyfull:


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Beer is heavily discounted at the bar located closest to my resort. $4 for a Sam Adams! Ordered a pizza for room service and was shocked at the low price of $12!
I hate that feeling where everyone else is in on the joke except me. Oh, wait, this is the feeling where no one is in on the joke. It's like the sound of one hand clapping. Well played, Drake, well played. I think. Or not.

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