Notice of Preparation of a Draft Subsequent Environmental Impact Report No. 352 and Scoping Meeting for the DisneylandForward Project

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A new(ish) wrinkle maybe? Blog Mickey is reporting that Chapek said the following regarding the Galactic Starcruise:

So maybe they are planning a boutique resort concept that might include rides/role playing adventures that are entirely exclusive to a new hotel?

Of course with what I've seen from the Galactic Starcruise currently, there's no reason they couldn't get away with just building one of those in the former DTD parking lot, and shuttling people to Batuu.
It’s an interesting idea… I think Pirates would work as a theme, maybe a haunted mansion or a western theme around Big Thunder.

A haunted hotel could be a lot of fun.

I’m not a big enough Star Wars fan to pay the insane prices for Galactic Cruiser but a 100% escapist holiday is intriguing.

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