Not so young entertainer looking for advise.

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Greetings friends. I am a recently widowed 60-year-old who has worked as a theme park entertainer for 43 years in both the US and Europe, but never for the mouse. (I was scouted by Disneyland in the mid-'80s, but was not in the position to pursue that then.) As a professional Hammered Dulcimer Player, this is a position that will never appear in their job sites, but I'm very motivated to get a resume'/demo video on someone's desk. I know they hire specialty acts, and I know they have open casting at the FL musicians union several times a year, but I live in MO, (which has no union), where I am playing full time now so that route seems blocked for now. I have my (Donald) ducks in a row, but cracking the vault to there entertainment offices is the most daunting challenges I have ever faced in a long life of such endeavors. I remain persistent realizing the course I have set is unorthodox, yet I cannot but think of Disney himself struggling in my old stomping grounds of Kansas City, and his repeating mantra to follow your dreams...

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Your best bet would be to go to the auditions. If nothing else, you will be surrounded by the right people who can possibly help.
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