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Not Impressed with Pandora


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I think it's a great section but I do think it was hyped up to be a little better than it was. I kept hearing things like it's the future of theme parks and FOP is the best ride Imagineering has ever done. The Imagineers also said something about the floating mountains looking like something you've never seen before. It was cool but it looked like the photos - just a pretty structure lol.

For me, the river ride was ok. It was pretty but nothing special. I liked the screen visuals but I was expecting a lot more. FOP was really really cool imo but it's not like I couldn't believe what I was experiencing, it just seemed like the next logical step in Imagineering. I really enjoyed the Canteen and the snack stand. The food was cool and interesting and the slushy drinks were fun and unique. At night, I thought it was really pretty but I agree that it was a little underwhelming. I thought the lights would be more interactive but again, it was pretty.

All in all, I think it's great but I don't think it's a "OMG I can't believe what I'm seeing/doing" deal like it was hyped up to be.
I hate to sound pessimistic, but I share similar feelings about the land. NRJ is awkwardly quiet and is a ride that, in my opinion, is carried entirely on the back of one good -- well, fantastic -- animatronic. I associate Disney boat rides with a painstaking attention to detail and immersion; I feel like I am walking through the plant section of Home Depot at night with a black light on when I ride NRJ. FoP is a good ride on its own, credit is certainly due where it's due. However, I find it extremely disappointing that it is essentially a more immersive version of Soarin. I also hate this trend of labeling something a "ride" when it's just me sitting down and watching a screen while my seat moves and I am misted with water. FoP, the Kong ride at islands of Adventure (honestly pretty much half of the rides at Universal/IoA now) are disappointing when compared to real thrill rides like ToT, Dragon Challenge, Space Mountain, and the like. If Pandora was meant to immerse us, it did a poor job. We were left with a relatively small "land" with 2 rides... well, a boat ride and a simulator. How many years of construction, and we are given just one animatronic.

Yes, I am fully aware that I can just visit elsewhere, there are plenty of people willing to throw their money at Disney to see Pandora, blah blah blah... but as a personal review of the land, I found it disappointing, and not worth going out of my way to do more than get some good pictures of the scenery.
I haven't seen it yet...will be going in October...but I felt the same way about that dumb Little Mermaid ride at MK. It is so lame! All those fake plants and dumb characters. Is this what we are to expect from Disney now? C'mon innovators! You can do better than this!
I have to agree.
Although I did enjoy Rite of Passage (or whatever it is called) I still won't bother going for a second ride unless the wait was 15 minutes! The crowds and queues just aren't really worth it.
The landscape is beautiful, and the river ride was lame IMO.
FOP is FAR more than a "clone" of Soarin' with bells and whistles. Those bells and whistles make it completely different. Soarin' is an IMAX movie with a few bells and whistles.

Posts like the OP and this just prove no one will ever be happy, no matter what is put forth. Just stay at home and be impressed with Facebook, Instagram, and reality TV.
Can't wait to ride this in dec