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Norway Pavilion Frozen construction - Frozen Ever After ride

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LOL well we did get a video not long ago about how they are doing decorative paint details on the walls...ho hum. it's a nice detail but when one is looking for things of interest to talk about, this would not make the conversation...they might as well do a video to talk about the air conditioning filters they are using...


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They have been extra tight lipped.


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Always a fan of the "You're welcome to leave." justification that defensive folks quickly jump to.

Here's the thing - the thread does not need to have daily posts when there's not progress going on -- and frankly, it SHOULDN'T. There's a gazillion other active threads on this site that any of these other conversations could be completely appropriate to take place in. This thread applies to none of that. And do what you will with your "If you don't like it, then just leave! MERICA!" juvenile logic, but at this point in a major project, a thread like this should be waiting to have conversation of "walls pushed back," "walls taken down," "soft opening watch," etc. Any one of those topics? Totally useful to find when I click on the Frozen ride thread. Any of the topics currently happening? Totally inappropriate for this thread.

Bottom line - this one is *not* a matter of opinion. If you disagree with my position, you are simply wrong. The rules of the forum (and common sense rules of any given discussion forum) could not be more clear. Posts should stay on topic. Disagreeing with me, frankly and I do not mean this to be hurtful, but recognize that being blunt sometimes has that effect regardless - means you are either blind to the truth, not willing to accept that truth or intentionally denying that truth in order to justify your own agenda. I get it. You want to paint me as "the villain" because I've called into question the quality of your holy moderators. This is a very simple yes or no question in which no one is entitled to a matter of opinion, because again, simply and honestly put it is black and white fact: Is talking about Tower of Terror, Rock 'n' Roller Coaster or anything other than the Frozen ride in the specifically labeled Frozen ride thread on topic?


Are there multiple pages of completely off topic chatter in the Frozen ride thread?


Is, among other things, a prime responsibility of a discussion forum moderator to keep discussions on topic?


Are the moderators here doing that?


Vis-à-vis are the moderators here doing a good job?


See how easy that was? And it's not about hurting feelings. You can be a great person and be terrible at your job. Sometimes, it's more a matter of you don't even realize that you're not doing a good job. I'm a big believer of people need a chance to improve before you can truly hold them accountable for not improving. Without the feedback, you simply cannot reasonably expect them to do so. But what I'm not going to do is pretend that the literal plague that spreads across virtually every post on this forum (at least every post I've ever clicked, which is typically just around when something new is going to open) does not exist or is how the site is intended to be. I'm not going to sugar coat things. My motivation is not to hurt the moderators feelings - but frankly if their feelings are hurt then maybe they should take a step back and think about why. Clearly this problem is not a new one. Though my profile lists 2006, which, mind you on its own is a decade as a member of this site - I've actually been here since the start under a different user name before switching to this one ten years ago. This is not a new issue - but it has become a significantly worse issue than it was.

So Space Mountain Guy - want me to be your villain? Vilify me. My feelings could not possibly be less hurt in a situation like this one where my side of the fence is clearly correct and your side is clearly incorrect. There's no justification here. The moderators are wrong for allowing it to happen. You are wrong for enabling / supporting its continued happenings.

But here's what it boils down to -- I will continue to check the Frozen ride thread as the clear time for soft openings draws nearer, and I will continue to call out the off topic posts which are blatantly wasting my limited available time on this forum along the way. The moderators can either block me for requesting the forum follow its own clearly stated rules since day one - and thus prove I'm correct that they just don't care about the quality experience this once paramount site currently provides, or finally elect to do their jobs and ensure everyone on this forum is held to the same - fair - and proper standards -- and hopefully, and I really truly hope for this, prove me wrong and show they have the moxie to get things back to what it once was, always should have stayed and can easily become again.

And as for you, Space Mountain Guy - you clearly intend to remain part of the problem - and as such I want to tell you with respect that I'm now setting you to ignore. I will not continue to bicker with you and take things even further off topic. The situation needed to be addressed - and that's what I did. Please take it as the eye-opening reality of the state of the forum that it should be and be part of the solution moving forward - no longer part of the problem.
Oh god, I was so bored and then I saw this. Hooray!

I salute you, crazy fan, for the dedication and zeal with which you attempt -and succeed!- at making yourself sound like a whiny, self entitled, little kid without their mommy.

Truly, this post has been a work of art that trolls of the next decade will be studying, hoping they can one day make a spiel as ridiculous as yours. Thank you, for the priviledge of being able to see it, it has brightened up my whole morning. My personal highlight would be "if you disagree with me, you're wrong" I clap to your inflated ego, I do!

But I would like to point out Forum Rules are not a Penal Code; not following them to the Very Strict Letter will not harm anyone, sweetie.

It could be easily argued that most of the conversation here was hardly that off topic at all. Frozen Contruction Ever After isnt a ride made in limbo; so why is it so off topic to compare and contrat other rides to it, and then give our opinions?

Ultimately the problem here is that you, with your inflated sense of self importance, feel bothered by the fact hat you cannot click on a thread and be immediately taken to literal news of the topic. You and your high horse, being forced to...I cant bare to say it...scroll through a few comments and even -the horror!- have to click on older pages to check for information?? The absurdity of it all!

News and opinions often come hand in hand. Making a thread for "contruction" another for "comparisons for said construction" and yet another for "my opinion on said construction" is silly, and simply clutters the board unnecessarily. And since those things often go hand in hand...migth as well have them in the same place, especially since there's little news coming out.

May I suggest, Thy Holy Tantrum Thrower, that rather than check the discussion page of news, you first check the News section of wdwmagic? When there's Frozen news, they'll make a post with the subject nicely explained for you, and even link you to the forum dicussion page. The mods have more important matters to take care of.
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