No leaks on the timing of the reservation system?


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I'm surprised there have been no leaks on the timing of the release of the park reservation system or how it'll work. I found some screenshots of the Shanghai system, and I think it was done in the MDE app. I'm hoping to get our party of 6 into the parks on the 11th and 12th...we have a FQ reservation for that weekend, but as we know, resort reservations do not guarantee park reservations. Hopefully a mix of AP holders and regular ticket holders can be in the same party. I'm worried I'll miss the email announcing the system, even if it's open to AP holders only at first...I'm sure the first batches of reservations will go very quickly.


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I’m betting it will be introduced to hotel guests a part of “checking in.”


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I’m betting it will be introduced to hotel guests a part of “checking in.”

Guests with Disney resort reservations and park tickets will get first dibs on park reservations. It will be done prior to check in though. In order to schedule dining reservations for parks, you must have a ticket and a park reservation. Dining is available to book at 60 days out so the park reservations would have to be done prior to that. Not sure when though?


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I go on July 2nd...I’m hoping for AP preview days.
I've been wondering about this...

Disney definitely called out a "preview opportunity" but I wonder how that would work? The approved "opening" plan doesn't call out anything like this (unlike Universals which did). If the plan has to be approved per the executive order, I'd guess they'd need to submit an amendment to the plan?

I guess we'll find out soon (for some definitions of "soon")


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Disney has gotten very good at precluding leaks in recent years. They apparently realized that the more people who know something the more likely that we'll all know it.

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