Nine Dragons in epcot


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Has anyone been to Nine Dragons in Epcot? What did you think of the food? Are you able to see fireworks at all? I didn't even this restaurant exists, so anything you'd be willing to share would be great!


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from what i hear, 9 dragons gets a lot of negative comments from people. some claim the food is mediocre, some say the restaurant is nothing special. my guess is one can get chinese food anywhere, so guests don’t think much about 9 dragons.
from the time we have gone, it’s always been a good experience. the honey sesame chicken is my go to dish over there. my wife always tries something new, but not me.
as far as viewing the fireworks, if u had a window seat it might be possible. i’ve never sat there, but there might be some trees blocking your view.


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9 Dragons continues to be one of our least favorite dining spots in EP. The restaurants in EP for the most part have a few menu items that will stand out and excel in flavor. At 9 Dragons I find it continually bland in taste and theres nothing there that wows me. Weve gone back only when we are with friends who insist on dining there and nothing has ever changed to impress me. Forget seeing a decent fireworks view from the restaurant.


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It's been years since I ate there, but it remains the worst meal I've ever had at Disney. The food was just bad Chinese takeaway at triple the price you would pay anywhere else. I love Chinese food and can't think of a single good thing to say about the experience. The Lotus Blossom Cafe is the better choice between the two.


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I ate there this past December. It's basic Chinese food, not terrible, not great. Food aside we had terrible service. I'd skip it (unless you're really craving Chinese cuisine). Agree with the post above, Lotus is a cheaper and better option.


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The only reason I've gone there is to get table service with almost no need for planning or is always easy to get. I have enjoyed my meals, but they are far from the best Chinese food I've had. PF Changs would be a big step up. It does beat some of the other "Chinese food" I've had at Disney, which strongly resemble chicken nuggets tossed in an Asian sauce of some type.


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I'm glad I saw this thread- I have an ADR for October that I need to change.


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9 Dragons is by far the worst sit down meal experience I have ever had at WDW. Would not recommend!
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