Nickelodeon to open another Hotel in Orlando


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The first Nick hotel didn't work out. I wonder what makes 'em think Nick hotel 2.0 will work? lol
It worked out fine. Nick licensed out its IP to an all-inclusive resort chain. Several locations are open. Nick terminated the contract with company who was running.the Nick hotel in Orlando
The hotel is open Its similar but without Nick IP


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This is great news. I know I'm late to hear about it but I've always thought that the closure of the original Nick Hotel was a mistake. It was beloved by many tourists, children and adults alike. Their downfall, unfortunately, was the upkeep of the hotel itself. An error I'm sure that will be corrected this time around.

If you think about it, it hasn't been that long since the closure of the original Nick Hotel. The new chain must recognize the value in profits they'll make building one in Orlando, they'll be fools if they didn't.


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The hotel didn't close. It wasn't failing
The Nick hotel went back to Holiday Inn branding. Its the same but without the Nick IP. The hotel is locally owned. Nick partnered with an all-inclusive resort chain.

Edited to add a link to the nick resort in Mexico

I don't think this concept, all-inclusive spend most of your time at your resort would work in Orlando. I think the blogger is click bait
A developer put some Nick IP on a project video on his site and almost immediately took it down..Said it was a mistake.

Families seem to enjoy Nick resorts
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