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NFL 2016 Discussion Thread

rael ramone

Well-Known Member
It almost has to be a Super Bowl rematch to start next season. If not, then the game could hold a lot less weight later in the season. My guess is it would have been Green Bay in Atlanta had the Falcons won.
If they saved the Denver/Carolina rematch for a later season Sunday Night game, it likely would have been flexed out....

rael ramone

Well-Known Member
Saw a clip of the victory rally where Belichek chanted 'No days off'.....

I'm sure the NFLPA really enjoyed seeing that one...

Dad 2 M & M

Well-Known Member
I feel so sorry for him. :( They're 5 weeks behind the other teams, including all those teams with new head coaches, new coordinators, or new QBs who have to learn new systems.
The boogie man......the last two Super Bowl Wins were evil genius....huh?

To all of the clever geek, nerd, and twerps who say the soooo insightful "it's not about Xs and Os, it's about Jimmys and Joes", always followed by the "dah hee HEE".........Nice call on that pass when you have Beast Mode.....and the last two minutes of the 3rd quarter forward this year......not about Xs and Os? Dah hee HEE

***edit** NOTHING but total respect for the greatest coach and QB from this Falcons Season Ticket Holder and bewildered Fan. They still had to score the 31 unanswered to make it the worst defeat of any type EVER......