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Next few days


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Im not a runner but friends of ours have been really getting into the Disney marathon life. They are locals and have been running them all. ( Expensive ) They have been getting widely popular and been a big draw, some particular marathons more than others, but theyve all really caught on. The resorts get slammed with runners and their families. The parks have seen a bit of an increase after the races, but not as bad as youd think. There is some overflow a couple of days after events. A lot of guests are in for the event and out soon after.

Tony the Tigger

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We often go between marathon weekend and MLK weekend (and we are going this coming week.) We decided on a Tuesday arrival instead of Monday, and crowd calendars are showing 1’s to 3’s through Thursday.

Friday should get extra local traffic because both the arts festival in Epcot and the Mickey & Minnie festivities begin.
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