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Please can someone help me? We will be at wdw during christmas and new year. Where is the best park to see the new year in?:xmas:


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We did our first Disney Christmas last year - we arrived on Christmas Day and came home Jan 3rd. I'd read on here that MK was the place to be but decided against it for many reasons, including -
1) Mk always closes first due to capacity.
2) MK is more compact and so handles the crowds worse.

We decided to hit EPCOT for NYE as the park has a greater area for guests to spread out over - even when the park is shut due to capacity. Plus, we prefer Illuminations to Wishes AND we watched all the MK NYE celebrations / fireworks on Dec 30th !!!


I have typically heard that Epcot can handle large holiday crowds the best as well, that should be your best bet. Have a great time!:wave:


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My girlfriend and I did NYE this past year in Disney. We spent it in EPCOT and had a great time. It seemed like every country had its own party. If you can, have a later dinner somewhere in the world showcase.

MK does their NYE fireworks on the 30th so you can just bring in the New Year twice.

Wherever you decide to bring in the new year make sure you get to that park early in the day and plan on staying there till after the clock strikes 12. You may not be able to get back in. :brick:


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i spent my last NYE at MK and it was amazing! they have dance floors all over the park so you can dance they give hot chocolate and cookies, hats and noise makers for free and the fire works display is BIG. You get fire works all round the park at the same time so no matter where you are you have some view of the show. Only drawback is yes the crowds are HUGE. I hope i go again this year (fingers crossed)!


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