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New Roundup Rodeo BBQ sit-down restaurant coming to TSL


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The steak that I had at Brown Derby my last trip was honestly the best cooked steak I have ever had. I still have yet to find something that taste as good as that wonderful cut of beef!

GE's food was great! The Ronto Wraps were very tasty and the Endorian Tip Yip was very good.

Ronto Roasters is one of our favorites and Woody's Lunch Box is decent. Anything down Sunset Blvd is not enticing at all.

I've done Brown Derby twice and the food is good, but it's not worth the price IMO. Sci-Fi is more of a greasy food experience. If you love that food, go for it. We went last year and I won't make a point to get back for a long time.


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That was what I always said about Pop Century: legendary years. Never know with TDO! But I’m hoping you’re right and just delayed.
Not the same scenario.

Wdw was overbuilt on lodging at that time...they are underbuilt across the board in every park not named “magic kingdom” now.

Though not sure how a new character spot is being viewed internally at this juncture?


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Hmm... a restaurant with no windows or patios. What a great idea for a pandemic!


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Maybe they can take advantage of this delay and redesign the interior to match the Pizza Planet that really seems to be missing in the Toy Story universe... The roundup BBQ concept was so pedestrian and boring... They can do better....and should...
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What makes you think they want to??

I think it’s been apparent these last few years that they believe better theming costs more longterm...Just a hunch.


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How? It's a tilt-up concrete box. It's not like it could not easily be used for storage.
Those warehouses were meant for rides correct? This isn’t exactly a hard thing to put together also it’s a revenue generator for them. The structure is basically done all they have to do is theme and staff it.

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