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New Poll: Where to First- Splash and Big Thunder or Tron and Space Mountain?

Where do you go first- Splash Man / BTMRR or Tron/Space Mountain?

  • Splash Mountain / Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    Votes: 24 30.8%
  • Tron / Space Mountain

    Votes: 34 43.6%
  • Somewhere Else in the Park

    Votes: 20 25.6%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


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Original Poster
So, you're headed to the Magic Kingdom first thing in the morning, and you enter the park.
At rope drop, where do you go first and why?
Splash Mountain / Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Tron / Space Mountain.
Or somewhere else?


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Space mountain because of the monorail and because it is a classic.


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Depending on how much coffee I had up until that point - the restroom.

Then I'd probably hit Splash / Big Thunder. To me those have always been daylight attractions while SM and Tomorrowland (and soon to be Tron) has always been more enjoyable at night. At least for me it has.


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Original Poster
Tron- only because its newest. Both sides are great in daylight or at nighttime!


Active Member
Tomorrowland will be the “Buzz” for awhile with the new Tron ride so I’d FP that and head left for Adventureland and Frontierland.


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Ordinarily I'd go Splash/ BTMRR... but throwing Tron in I'd have to say Tron/SM just because its going to be the newest, targeted attraction, its something I've not experienced and the lines will be insane once its opened. Think along the lines of FoP & 7DMT.


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Why is there no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train option but there's an option for Tron which isn't even open yet? Every time I go to rope drop, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attracts more people than what seems like the rest of the park combined.


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Original Poster
Why is there no Seven Dwarfs Mine Train option but there's an option for Tron which isn't even open yet? Every time I go to rope drop, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train attracts more people than what seems like the rest of the park combined.
Because I was trying to focus on one side of the park over the other. Never even thought of Seven Dwarfs Mine Train.


Well-Known Member
I would imagine that most people, when they get to the hub, tend to head towards Tomorrowland (the whole "go right" instinct), so Splash and BTMRR would be the best bet. Personally, when we have a breakfast ADR at BOG before the park opens, we hit 7DMT first-it's basically right beside BOG, and most people probably don't think to head to the attractions on the backside of the castle, instead heading to Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Liberty Square or Frontierland. After 7DMT, we tend to go counter clockwise, hitting LS, FL, AL and then TL.


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Being left handed, I always tend to go to my left first, bucking the trend (lol), but in all honesty, we have a tradition of having B'fast at CP on our first day, so we usually end up on that side of the park. It would also depend on temps outside...if it's cool, Splash will wait until later in the morning/day.


For us it was always Splash & BTMRR as those could be done quickly before crowds got too crazy. However, going in colder weather the past few times made me question why I wanted to get wet at 9am. Rope Dropping is like having a 4th FP when done correctly, and I didn't know why I was choosing mine to make myself cold.

Last trip in December, we rope dropped SDMT, then did Pooh because I had never been on it in my life, and next thing I know it was 10am, BTMRR was 25min and Splash was still walk on. Getting SDMT out of the way I think was the way to go as it was over 90min.

It will be interesting to see what Tomorrowland crowds will look like at night once Tron opens. If they go with the same crazy roof, I imagine crowds flocking there... which means I'll hit those up at rope drop instead and then work back around the park CCW.


Active Member
I almost always end MK with tomorrowland at night! so splash and big thunder Mountain UNLESS I have a FP for SM or TRON, then that for sure. 😆


Well-Known Member
So far, it looks like most folks so say they end with Space.

What is your personal goal?

Some folks are happiest following a personal tradition, others want the shortest waits, and others want to ride the newest thing first, or fear getting wet at 9am. If tradition works best for your family, then they might not care about other options.

I'd also say your FP are another factor.

Our approach is often opportunistic. Except super new rides, we've been on everything many times. We mildly choose quantity over seeing everything ever visit. If I don't have a FP for 7D, I'm not waiting 2 hours to ride it, especially if BTMRR has a short wait.

So we'd pick Splash/BTMRR, and re-ride BTMRR if the line is especially short, especially if we had good FP's.
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