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New Holiday Offerings Announced for Disney's Hollywood Studios


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Disney has announced a new offering at DHS for this holiday season-- Sunset Seasons Greetings. From a now removed post on DisneyWorld.com, the experience will include
  • The “Toy Story” characters making guesses at which new toys are coming to join them this Christmas as the scene becomes enveloped in wrapping paper
  • The Swedish Chef from The Muppets babbles as he does while turning the street into giant gingerbread houses
  • Mickey and Minnie looking back at a hometown Christmas as the scene turns into a beautiful Norman Rockwell-style town, starting in black and white before slowly developing color
  • Olaf dreaming of his holiday wish as the scene turns into a Frozen snowscape, with a beautiful Aurora Borealis and projected snowfall

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"Snow on Sunset Blvd? Plus a show on the side of the park that already has a lot going on during the evenings? This is a bad idea."

"But... but... it's MAGICAL!!! And it'll sell separate event tickets and merchandise!"


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Official page is up... (With a slightly higher res version of the pic)


"Get wrapped up in the season as snow falls, Sunset Boulevard twinkles and favorite faces come to life. Taking place from November 9 through December 31, 2017, it’s Sunset Seasons Greetings—an all-new celebration you won’t want to miss!

As 2017 draws to a close, and night falls on Disney’s Hollywood Studios, an unforgettable scene starts to unfold for Guests of all ages. Billboards suddenly begin to move into motion and tell a tale, courtesy of iconic characters sharing their love for the season. All the while, the Hollywood Tower Hotel—a.k.a. The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror—magically transforms, bringing to life the characters’ stories."


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Aside from possible traffic flow issues, this seems nice. Since it's like the Osborne lights, it'll be constantly running so that's a plus. Sure thematic consistency, but it's only at night and only for the holidays. I wouldn't want projections year round but this doesn't seem bad. But if it's a upcharge for whatever reason, forget what I just said about it being nice.


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Marni was right when he said most guests wont make the trek to see this. I'll be staying at the Boardwalk and probably won't go based on that bizzare description. It seems like WDW is now using manatees (South Park reference) to come up with new offerings.
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