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News New Experience Center to open in the Odyssey Events Pavilion


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This just NOT in....

As Walt Disney World ends its 50th anniversary celebrations, the resort will be moving from "The Magic Is You!" to "The Maintenance Is You!" Guests will be asked to document their current supply of tools before arrival and then special "Maintenance Moments" will be scheduled in their My Disney Experience app with a list of required tools to complete a magical punch list.

Park executives note these guests will enjoy "The Earliest Entry of All" with access to parks between the hours of Midnight and 5 a.m., though attractions and dining locations will not be open. A decision is pending on restroom availablity.

They will be allowed to remain in the parks to join the rest of their party after parks open to the general public, though said party is strongly encouraged to bring along a stick of deodorant and a fresh t-shirt.

Also, a mandatory one-roll minimum of duck tape per guest will be strictly enforced for park entry as guests are encouraged to "Make Their Own Maintenance".

Park guests wishing to not have the option to "whistle while they work" can purchase the "No-Maintenance+" option at $200 per person per day.

A spokesperson for The Walt Disney Company's Parks, Experiences and Products division said, "Our attention to our guests' waistlines will not stop at increasing food and beverage prices, we also will make sure they get a hearty exercise outside of just the steps taken as they move around the parks hoping to confirm a Genie+ reservation."


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I think he was talking about the “Festival of Construction Walls” that’s been running for several years straight now.
Think of all the photo opportunities the consumers have been provided with by these walls, free of charge! We should be thanking our benevolent lord Bob (thanks be to Bob, praise the Beard) for such a gracious gift.

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