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New Disney Movies


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So I've heard mention of the two new Disney movies for this upcomming year and wanted to see how much everyone knows about the plots of the movies and so forth. So, what can everyone share about Lilo & Stitch and Treasure Planet? I'm interested to learn more.:D


Lilo and Stitch : June 23, 2002 but was going to be released 2003

Lilo (Tia Carrere) is a young Hawaiian girl who adopts a dog named Stitch (Jason Scott Lee) who is actually an alien criminal. While he was being transported to an intergalactic prison, Stitch's ship crashed into Earth and he is now trying to escape detection from the alien police hot on his tail.

Treasure Planet: November 2002

Premise: Set in outer space, this is the tale of a young boy, Jim Hawkins, who is caught up in the search for the buried treasure of Captain Flint. He and some adults chart a ship to search for the treasure, but on the ship of Long John Silver, one of Flint's pirates... and he wants the treasure too. (Note: This is basically the story of the original story; now just imagine that with aliens, robots, etc.).

Check out- movies.com

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I was in our local disney store today and they where showing a trailer for Lilo and Stich, as was amazed, ther has been no publicity about this in the UK at all. They don't even release Monsters until 8th February, some things just seem to take forever in this country. :mad:


Treasure Planet looks incredible.

Maybe not for the general public, but most definately for animation buffs like me that were blown away by the seemless enhancement of the traditional Animation of Atlantis with CG animation.

I still can't get enough of those submarines and panoramic views. I hope the DVD is packed with great stuff.

And speaking of new movies, what's this about a Pirates of the Carribean movie?


And speaking of new movies, what's this about a Pirates of the Carribean movie?

No word yet. Any where i might find infoon it?

Also Disney is releaseing a movied called SIGNS late summer this year.


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Treasure planet looks very promising but I am not holding my breath for Lilo and Stitch it looks boring and a perculiar copy of ET.
The feature movies are slipping post Lion King they went down, Mulan and Tarzan and for the few people that saw it Fantasia 2000 brought the standards back up but they are slipping again. I am hoping Lilo and Stitch will be the last of the bad ones and masterpieces will follow.

Disney needs another Lion King or Toy Story blockbuster movie.


Well, if Lilo and Treasure Planet flop, I think Phil Collins' return will be exciting in "Bears"

Tarzan had one of the greatest Disney Soundtracks ever, and the movie was incredible, too

Rumor has it that Bears has been floating around the animation dept since the Lion King, now that could be good or bad, depending on how you look at it. I bet it 'll be great


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Disney is currently working on (i think) 5 movies total in FL alone (before this..only mulan was done there)...one of which looks VERY promising..its a good few years away (dont forget it takes 4-6 years to make a movie), BUT....Its going to be an "anniversary" movie containing every character from every disney movie (similar to how house of mouse is...only in a much larger scale).

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