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I looked around, but I didn't find a thread related to this. Shanghai Disney Resort recently broke ground on a new deluxe hotel:

"Construction officially commenced today on the development of Shanghai Disney Resort’s third themed hotel, a new expansion that will further cultivate the highly popular resort’s credentials as a multi-day tourism destination. Positioned as a deluxe hotel with 400 rooms, when opened the new hotel will join the elegant 420-room Shanghai Disneyland Hotel and the playful 795-room Toy Story Hotel, to provide resort guests with even more accommodation options.
Located on the shores of Wishing Star Lake, the new hotel will provide extraordinary views of Shanghai Disneyland, and offer broad family appeal and experiences with exciting new indoor and outdoor recreational amenities and programming.

Influenced by Art Nouveau architecture and design – and infused with Disney storytelling and whimsy – the hotel design will be an homage to Shanghai’s unique early 20th century architectural legacy, while staying true to Shanghai Disney Resort’s overall planning principle of being 'authentically Disney and distinctly Chinese.'"


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Isn’t Shanghai Disneyland Hotel also art deco? With so many styles to choose from it would be a shame to just build the same thing again. I would have loved to have seen something new like a french chateaux theme (think canadian railway hotel) or maybe something like the old asian hotel inspired by more local culture


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Yeah the existing deluxe hotel is art nouveau.

Shanghai Disneyland Hotel

I think the new one is going to be more of a riff on some of the buildings on the Bund ("Shanghai’s unique early 20th century architectural legacy") than anything as heavily art nouveau as the existing deluxe hotel.


The Bund

I'm pretty sure they meant art deco, rather than art nouveau, as there doesn't seem to be any prominent art nouveau in Shanghai from the early 1900s. The early 1900s in Shanghai were all about art deco; Shanghai's art deco works are famous. I'm thinking it'll be like Tokyo Disneyland's Ambassador and Hong Kong's Disneyland's Hollywood Hotel, but grander, as both aren't really deluxe hotels (well, the Ambassador is 5-star, and the Hollywood is 4-star, so I guess the former counts as deluxe).


Disney Ambassador Hotel (Tokyo)


Disney's Hollywood Hotel (Hong Kong)
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I think it's supposed to be a Yacht Club/Beach Club kind of pairing. They're side-by-side on mirroring plots.


From the early resort master plan, it looks like there'll be a moderate resort to pair with the Toy Story Hotel as well.

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I actually really like this. Not as distinct of a theme as I would prefer, but I know the company has moved on from the Eisner days of distinct time and place when setting its resort theme.

Do we happen to know if it's the same architect/architectural firm? That would make more sense if they were going for a Yacht and Beach Club pairing I would think.

Either way, it's prettier than what the domestic parks have been getting.

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