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New Color for Space Mtn. Trains


Original Poster
In case anyone is interested...they have begun painting the trains for the new space mountain theme.

Eh...not bad.


Good stuff, I like it. Did you get a chance to see if the train was actually new? or just a repainted existing train?


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ooo, shiny!!! :lol:

Do you know if the padding on the restraints/headrest is getting re-done as well, as it was in a poor state of repair last time I went on it.

And to follow on from Steve's question, if they are the old trains, did they ever get the new (was it) wheel barings/suspension thing?


Original Poster
They are indeed the old trains.
I am under the impression that all the trains received new wheelsets, etc.

Headrests were refurbished....I think.


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They look allright actually. Could be a little bit better. Now let's see what the soundtrack will be like...


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Someone sent me 3 new photos today.

Concept art for Space Mountain's new sign.
Art for the layout of Mission 2.
The new color scheme for the trains, like in the earlier photo I posted.


imagineer boy

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I like the new looks of the trains, it sort of gives a bullet like impression which makes sence because you're being shot out of a cannon.
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