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News New Club Cool opens Summer 2021 at EPCOT

Marc Davis Fan

Well-Known Member
My only concern here is whether the outside design/signage doesn't overemphasize Coca-Cola. It would be awful to start your day with the breathtaking entrance, walk under Spaceship Earth, and then the first thing you see past SSE is... an advertisement for Coca-Cola.

Also, I guess this means to quick service restaurant in the building, or is there still space for an Electric Umbrella replacement?

PS Hooray for the opportunity to make unsuspecting people drink Beverly again. It's an EPCOT right of passage.


Well-Known Member
I would be shocked if there is not some plan to monetize this... Like a cup you can purchase to taste all the beverages...with a chip so that other cups cannot be used... Like they are doing at the resorts...

If your paying for it at Disney Springs World of Coca Cola I wouldn't be surprised if they do this making it a taste bar..

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