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Need some help with Touring Plans


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Please mods just delete if this post is in error. I am posting in what seemed like the most likely category but I understand if posts about other websites aren't allowed or are not welcome here.

So I bought a touring plans membership. I thought I would automatically have the forum as it was recommended I join in as soon as I paid, but it turns out you have to sign up there as well. All fine everything has a way things work and you have to roll with it.

Then I got a message from their bot explaining with links. Very welcome of course and it seemed pretty usual telling me I needed to start slowly until I'd shown I wasn't going to be ill mannered. Until I got to the last line which states: If you'd like to learn more select --- below and <weird little up arrow grey icon> bookmark this persona message. If you do, there may be <a yellow icon with a red T in the middle> in your future!

I cannot post on the forums yet, so I cannot ask what was the --- supposed to be and what is a yellow icon with the red T in the middle? I am thinking the yellow icon with a red t in the middle may be something I need to be able to perform certain actions on the boards, but I don't really know. The --- is actually kind of grey and looks more like dots than dashes. It looks like what some websites change things like a part of a website link into if they're not really allowed there or if something linked doesn't work anymore if links are allowed so I am thinking whatever I am supposed to be selecting is somehow messed up and not showing. There is nothing on the page other than that one spot which looks like three dots or three dashes. Anyone know what's up?


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I don't know what the icon is that you're seeing (I've been a touringplans member for years, but haven't made use of their forums). However, I'd contact touringplans about it directly to inquire. (You can use the "Submit a Request" link at the top right-hand corner of this page: https://help.touringplans.com/hc/en-us)
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