Need some advice on HUGE Mickey Mouse Collection

Those pictures are just an example of some of the stuff she has. Our basement is stacked from floor to
Your mom's collection looks amazing. Have you tried contacting Kovels Antiques & Collectibles and/or Southerby's Auction House in NYC. If Christies Gallary are still in business, mite contact other as well …. they are also in Manhattan (NYC)


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Hello Can anyone please tell me what year was this Mickey mouse was made.


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Where can I find books on vintage Mickey collectibles? My Fiancé and i recently ought his Grandmothers house and he inherited her Mickey Mouse collection. We don't know where to start. I have had to box up 6 Hutches Full of figurines because the hutches are being auctioned in her estate sale. Needless to say she's been collecting for many many years. We are OVERWHELMED! There is so much we can't keep it all. Anyone have any ideas? She has everything from early years to present. I'm drowning in Mickey Mouse.
Hi ,just recently have been reconnecting with my daughter and just found out she collects everything Mickey..I sent this to her..maybe she can contact you I'm in Los Angeles she's in Arizona...


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I would LOVE to have some of this. Does you happen to have a vintage mickey watch with his hands as the "hands"?
My neighbor also has a rather large collection of Disney and Mickey Mouse collectibles that once belonged to his sister until her passing. He has over 30 Mickey Mouse watches still in original cases! I have pictures.

PM me.
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