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Hey guys I need help with this Fastpass Questions so my wife and I are meeting my sister and her family down at wdw this fall and our 60 day fastpass window is coming up so my question is both me and my sister are planning on doing the fast passes for all six of us at the same time but we live in different states so will this mess up the fast passes for us? If so should we divvy up the fast pass selections?

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Being in different states isn't going to mess things up.

Both of you trying for the same days is what could get messy.
What if one of you finds a "perfect" FP and the other also finds a "perfect" FP and they are overlapping times so one of you is able to select the option and the other one gets a message saying you can't book this one etc.

I would divide up the days and you tackle day A, B, and C and have your sister tackle day X, Y, and Z.
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