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Need another trip for more pictures


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So it has been a year since my last visit. I look at my pictures often and wonder what I want to do next trip. At this point I dont know because I am in the middle of trying to buy a home and everything is on hold. This past week I finally decided to get some good prints of some of my work while there. My first image that I have printed since my trip. For some odd reason I decided to do a square metallic print of SSE 10x10. Didnt cost much and a good tester to see what it would look like to see if I wanted more. I just received my print from Bay Photo yesterday and I am blown away. I would post a picture of the print but it would do it no justice. Below is the original not cropped.


Now I have the great idea of wanting all of the Park Icons done the same way on a 10x10 metallic print and all mounted in a single frame. However, I am missing Animal Kingdom and that ugly hat. Now I have a good excuse for going back. Cant Wait!

Anyone else have great ideas to do with prints??


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I have a 24x36 print of a shot I took at DHS (Mickey balloons with ToT bokeh) hanging in my living room. Eventually it will move to the bedroom when we get "real art" :) but for now it's a good place!
I like your idea of the 4 icons framed together. I have the 4 icons done by David Doss, they are individually framed but I have them hanging together in a square and get compliments in them all the time.

I'm always wanting more of my work printed but don't do it very often.


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Four Parks, One World
by Allen Castillo, on Flickr

I posted this on flickr some time ago and was thinking of doing something similar. My only question is metal or canvas? Anyone have a preference?

I love the metallic one I just got. I think the night time colors rock with the metallic. Out of the prints I got back this week everyone's favorite is the metallic of SSE. I am now thinking of what kind of frame I want to do.

@Allen C your pictures are always great. Really love what you did for Animal Kingdom's Tree of Life. Thats the only one I dont have. I have the hat but its a daytime shot. I need to go back and grab it at night after most have left.

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