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Navi Shaman b mode.


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Idk if it was today only occurrence, but I rode the River Journey, the Navi Shaman was missing and behind her was a video screen of her much like the rest effects of the attraction only not as well integrated.


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I was just asking a question for someone who was in Animal Kingdom today. I have no idea the point of this comment.

If they do not have a fastpass + reservation it wouldn't be worth their time in the standby line (currently its 90 minutes) for the 4.5 minute long "experience"


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I haven't been on the ride in person yet, but from watching the videos on Youtube (because I miss Disney World already), the boat ride looked like it was somewhat lacking in....something. Yes, it was beautiful and cool to see an AA that advanced, but it was like there was no plot twist or any great story climax to the entire boat ride, except for the AA at the end.

But now that the AA is in disco mode....

I agree with @Disneyhead'71. This would have been a good pre-show.

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