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We ate here few weeks ago for dinner, and I must say we were impressed. We decide to arrive a day early like a week before our trip, so this reservation was kind of last minute. It fit into what we wanted to do that day perfectly though. Bc we wanted to spend some time at GF to enjoy the holiday decor. I read reviews on Narcoossee’s and they weren’t bad, but not good either. My wife and I both loved everything about it. The view was incredible. We got a table along the windows able to see MK very well. Not as impressive of California Grill bc it’s not raised, but still good. But the food and service was what impressed us. We had an older man as a server and he was great. I got the filet and my wife got surf and turf. It was just as good as any steak we’ve ever had at WDW. The cheesecake dessert was incredible as well. My wife said the lobster bisque was the best she’s ever had and she gets it at a lot of restaurants. They have returning guests in us. We loved it.

Sans Souci

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I ate here for the first time in September and I was pleasantly surprised. I loved the mashed potatoes and the butter poached lobster was delicious. I will definitely be back.


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We've made several stops there as the food is really pretty good. (Yes, as with any WDW restaurant they have bad days too) The view along the water is very relaxing. We will continue to come back as well even with my wife who has a seafood allergy!


This is getting old fast, Dolores. Knock it off.
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Narcoossee’s has come to be the final dinner of our annual trip. The food, the service, and the views have always been exceptional.

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