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Here's a game that my family plays when we are either getting ready to go to Disney or if we haven't been there in awhile. You pick a park and give three clues (not to easy and not impossible either) to a ride and the others have to guess which ride it is. If needed we give a fourth clue to help out. Whoever guesses it goes next. Here ya go...

Park = Magic Kingdom
Clue 1) A television
Clue 2) Bath tub
Clue 3) A dog

Can you guess what it is??


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I was first thinking IASW. The big clock at the beginning, it's a boat ride and I'm sure there's a dog as one of the many animals.

Unless there's a Clock in POTC that I am not thinking of because that has the boat and the dog featured in the one scene with the key by the jail cell.


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Guess it's my turn again...


Clue #1: Cars
Clue #2: Horses
Clue #3: ship

This shouldn't be to hard :ROFLOL:
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