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My view

King Racoon 77

Thank you sir. You were an inspiration.
Original Poster
Howdy y'all
As many of you followed along with my walking thread in March I thought I would start another one to continue posting photos without spamming other threads. Feel free to post any pictures yourself from wherever in the world you are. I only ask that you limit yourself to posting one picture a day to give everyone a chance to participate.
Enjoy and I look forward to seeing other posters content.


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What a great idea :)
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My view ftom last weekend on a very windy and chlliy beach in Cornwall (UK). Lucky enough to own a place we can travel to from Bristol, where we live, now we are both retired from work, and it's so refreshing to walk along a fairly deserted beach in the winter. Summer is a different matter- think WDW crowds without the rides etc.


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