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My Happy Birthday Disneyland Trip Report


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I recently visited Disneyland for my 70th birthday. I was there for 5 days in the park. This Trip Report is all photos. Actually Collages. I will let the photos do the talking. My trip started on Sunday September the 3rd. My birthday was on Labor Day, Monday September the 4th. I returned back home on September the 9th. Tuesday September the 5th, was a no park day. I had a great time. I love going to Disneyland, and this trip was a solo one. I enjoy doing the parks solo.
2017 DL Favorites.jpg

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Normally I don't have a "no park"day on any of my Disneyland trips. However, since Disney will only sell me a 5 day park hopper, I needed to make a decision. That decision turned out to be going to the parks on arrival day because it was a late night with fireworks, and then taking Tuesday off, since the parks had 10 a.m. to 8 p,m, hours. I visited Downtown Disney on this off day, and really enjoyed seeing the new Cars 3 Movie. I actually built a rest period into each of my days, and it made my vacation much more relaxed.


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Looks like you had a blast. Happy belated birthday!

I love how you've edited your photos into little montages based on location/theme.

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